Life’s a Marathon! How do we train for it?

As I mentioned last night, today would be a busy day and it was. I wasn’t anticipating Benny being up a good part of the night as well, so getting up this morning and making it thru the day was quite challenging.

B”H the scan went ok and Benny came out of sedation with only minor irritability. On an interesting note, I mentioned to the doctor that I took Benny to the marathon on Sunday and described the spot where we stood to cheer the runners on. Across the distance there was a spot where a couple could get married, it was called a run thru wedding. After the 5 minute ceremony the couple continued their race in the marathon. It was fun to watch and a thought to ponder as to who would do such a thing.  Today, that thought came to fruition.  After telling our story, the Radiologist told us  a number of years ago he ran the marathon with his future wife and got married along the way too!  Would you call that Hashgacha Pratis! LOL  Once again, Hashem brought humor into an intense environment this morning and took the edge off.

The later part of the day, we had a clinic appointment with Benny’s primary oncologist to go over the next plan of treatments. While in clinic we saw many of the same patients as well as some new ones. One particular patient stuck out in my mind, it was a  Jewish young man around 15 years old.  He had a head full of hair, so hopefully it was just a follow up appointment that occurs once a child is in remission and not a new admission.

On other occasions if I were to see another Yid in a place where I least expect it, my eyes light up. What usually transpires in about 5 minutes of Jewish geography is you find someone in common that you both know. In clinic/hospital, this activity is not the case. Although, many times I am tempted to get the patients Hebrew name so I can Daven for he or she, I remain quiet out of respect for the patients privacy.  I try and recite a chapter of Tehillim (Psalms) and quietly ask Hashem to send the Refuah that the patient needs and those around.

We will know in the next couple of days if Radiation will IY”H begin next Monday or Tuesday.

Most of the time, I only post pictures of Benny filled with happiness, today I am attaching a picture of the CT machine. Why you may ask? To remind all of us that this is real, this is why we are Davening and making the effort to change the way we recite Brochos (Blessings), to go the “extra mile”, marathon and all!  May your Tefillos and Zechusim be a source of Refuah for Benny and a protection for all of you, so that you may never witness one of these machines first hand.

There is so much to learn from observing a marathon. The training that goes into running, the drive, the perseverance, the determination to make it to the finish line. The sense of accomplishment one feels at the finish line. Life is one big marathon. It’s about how we run the course and handle the bumps in the road or avoid the pot holes during the journey. It’s also about enjoying the places we pass along the way.  One difference I see though, in a marathon the longer you run the harder it is on the body. In life, the more one works on his/her Middos (character traits) the easier it is to do good and the strength you get to move forward.


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  1. Loved your post today about the marathon. So true…………..God is so interested in our character!! Praying for hope, joy and perseverance as you run your race. You will make it to the finish line with this attitude of grace.


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