Happy Chanukah!

We have been busy enjoying the past couple days of Chanukah to the fullest B”H.

The treatment of radiation is now scheduled to begin this Wednesday.  The doctors anticipates Benny  to have a decrease in appetite once radiation begins. So our job over the next few days is to fatten Benny up.  It couldn’t be at a better time, with plenty of doughnuts to chose from, latkes and chocolate gelt, Bubbie’s mac n cheese,  not to mention Zaida’s homemade milkshakes and ice cream cake.

We continue to pray each and every day of Chanukah that the light of Chanukah be a protection for Benny and act as a shield against any harmful rays. May the light of Chanukah bring only joy and happiness to all of our lives.

Enjoy the photos and Videos of Chanukah so far:


1st Night of Chanukah

Benny opening up presents: Video : chanukapresents

DR. Benny

Benny enjoying his cousin William’s Birthday Cake  (click video) eatingbdaycake

Best Seat in the house : Bestseatinthehouse

Click on Video: performancebeforeconcert

Singing with Zaida this morning:  Click on Video Ani MaaminZaida  “I Believe…”

Zaida and Bubbie’s Chanukah Party

Opening more presents Click on Video openingpresents

Eating Doughnuts – Benny had to try the chocolate, jelly and custard

Benny checking out his Chanukah Gelt!

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