5th Night of Chanukah

I dedicate tonight’s post to our beloved friend,  Mrs. Erika Klein O”H.  It is with great pain and sorrow that we mourn the passing of this Holy Woman, Nechama Bas Kolev.

I have been crying now for days… I just heard less than a week ago to Daven for Nechama Bas Kolev. How could it be?!  We need the light of the Menorah tonight to guide us through this most difficult time,  as the world just lost a very special light.

Mrs. Klein, had a radiance about her that was indescribable. She was a Tzenuah (modest) woman. There was not a week that went by since Benny was diagnosed that Erika (that is what she insisted I call her as I got older and we became closer friends) did not come by on Erev Shabbos, with either with a bouquet of flowers, picked from her garden and beautifully arranged in an elegant glass vase, or homemade chopped liver and coleslaw and sometimes a delicious dessert.   This Shabbos treat was much more to me than the flowers or the food. I so looked forward to her visit every Erev Shabbos when she would drop off the flowers and food. It brought me tremendous support and comfort.  Erika would say how much Chizuk she got from “the blog,” but I would say the reverse. I was the one getting the Chizuk from her. The last visit before we went into transplant I remember loading her trunk with all the vases that she had brought flowers in. She was going to refill them! Now I have only tears to fill them with.

I have known Mrs. Klein since I am a little girl. Every Friday night for years and years we would visit. When my parent’s had to go out of town, I stayed at the Klein’s house. Not only because she was the absolute best cook, she was so kind and I just enjoyed being in her company. I was never homesick there, because she made me feel at home. Oh how I miss those happy days!

I will IY”H write more later. The hour is late and the Levaya is in a few hours. It is at the same time that we are supposed to be heading to the hospital for Benny’s first day of Radiation IY”H.

Earlier today, we met with the radiologist Dr. Wong, to go over the treatment plan for radiation. It took a little more time in planning for a good reason B”H. The original site that was infected showed no signs of disease or scar tissue (which they normally radiate). Without getting into too much detail, not relevant,  Dr. Wong showed us the diagram of the radiation. It was in the shape of a “wishbone.”  Oh! how I loved making a wish with those when I was younger. Now, I will wish again and again, everyday as Benny undergoes his treatment. I wish Hashem, please bring a happy end to all the pain and suffering we are experiencing. I wish for the Geula, the Refuah this Chanukah IY”H.

I wish that we never have to say the words, Hamokem Yanachem Eschem B’soch Shaar Avlei Tzion M Yerushalayim, ever again.



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