6th Night of Chanukah

We desperately need the light and miracles of Chanukah to shine down on us.

On the way to radiation this morning, I took a detour to attend the Levaya of our dear friend Mrs. Erika Klein. There were no Hespedim (eulogies) said over because of Chanukah, however, a few key points were given over. Erika’s last actions and words were shared by her son Kolev, with the gathering of 100’s and 100’s of people. Erika davened (prayed) every chance she had, she was able to say Viduy and ask for forgiveness (not that Chas Veshallom she did any harm), she gave Tzedaka (charity) and said it should be a zechus for the Cholim (ill) in the community, and last she said there should be no Machlokes (fighting).   A very powerful message indeed.

What is the opposite of Machlokes? Achdos (togetherness)!  We so desperately need to come together as a community and as a nation to help each other.

B’H Benny’s first day of radiation went well. We got home close to 1 in the afternoon and shortly after had to head to CHLA for a scheduled blood transfusion. On the way, Benny had vomited so we turned the car around to go home and clean him up. We got to the hospital around an 45 later. The transfusion took about 2 1/2 hours and we finally got home around 6.30.

During our visit to day hospital today, we saw our least favorite site, a “new face.”  This wasn’t just any new face, it’s one of the cutest, most delicious and adorable face that I have seen many times before….in my home! This was the face of our close friend’s son.  A face that my second grader goes to school with.

I am sharing this information (which I received permission from the family) for one reason only and that is to ask for your help. Tomorrow, IY”H Elimelech Ben Basya will undergo a biopsy at 10:30 am Friday morning.   Please poor out your heart and Daven for his complete Refuah Shlema. Let this all just be a bad dream.

I received an email this morning saying that Rav Fishel Schechter said today, that one is not allowed to ask for a miracle. However, on Chanukah we are allowed to ask for a miracle.  We must take the holy words of Mrs. Erika Klein O”H, stand united as one, Daven, cry, beg Hashem for a great miracle, the Refuah (cure)!

Tonight, is the 11th Yartzheit of Ari’s father, Yehoshua Elyokim Hakohen – aka Jerry Brecher. May his neshama have an aliyah. May we be Zoche to be speedily reunited with him in our days.

I”YH I hope to have good news to report before we we reach the 7th night of Chanukah. By then I want to ask for a new miracle, the Geulah!

The  hour is late, we have to be in the hospital for day two of radiate n at 6:45 am.  I think I may be in trouble.

Please take a good look at the picture below. Study these faces so that you have them in your head and in your mind, in your prayers and throughout the course of your day.

Benny’s “new” friend in the hospital.  Refuah Shlema Elimelech Ben Basya. May Hashem bless the family with strength to get thru this most difficult hardship.

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