Good Erev Shabbos Erev 7th Night of Chanukah

B”H we just completed day two of radiation.  It was a rocky start this morning. We had to be in UCLA at 7 am for a 7:30 start time. Well, we ended up only getting treated at 10:45. The machine used for radiation was down and several technicians had to be called to trouble shoot.   Quite frustrating being that Benny couldn’t eat or drink anything all morning. Not something a two year old understands easily. We ended up taking Benny outside to site see the area – not much to look at either!  We did find ball to buy at a UCLA college store and played catch on the grass.

B’H we are now home getting ready for Shabbos and hopefully will catch up on some sleep.

Benny’s “new buddy,” Eli also had a major delay in starting his surgery this morning.  I believe he just started moments ago. Please Daven for Elimelech Ben Basya for a complete Refuah Shlema MIn Hashamayim without having to under go any additional treatments.   We love you Eli and are rooting loud and hard!!!

Happy Chanukah!  Please have in mind all the Cholim as your light your Chanukah candles and Shabbos candles. As you look at each candle, envision them all coming together and the great strength they have as they are joined together.  The force is so much more powerful all in unison.  The candles represent each and every one of us.  We each have our individual strengths, but as a team we can achieve levels that are supernatural.  Let’s reach that level this Chanukah!

Good Shabbos!

PS.  Just got this email as I finished this post

written by Ette Schoor -organizer for Achiezer – Hurricane Sandy relief program:

I just got a call from the head of warehouse! He said that out of all the trucks we got yours was by far the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He said it was truly wrapped with “love” filled to the very top!! With amazing stuff!!!!! Our committees are so excited to give to the needy families!! May Benny have a big refuah shelama in the zechus of all you have done for our community!!! Gut Shabos and Happy Chanukah!!!

We don’t’ take any credit – it’s wonderful to be part of such an amazing community. Thank you Los Angeles community for your outstanding effort and tremendous act of Chessed (kindness).


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