Introducing Happiness one day at a time!

B”H we have completed four days of radiation so far, eight more to go.  Today, we changed the time of radiation to late morning.  This way Benny could have a drink in the morning and then 4 hours later have the procedure done. It did not go over to well. Benny wasn’t too happy with just a quick drink. He was more interested in having a full breakfast and spent the next 4 hours unhappy.  We will go back to the early morning slot tomorrow and hopefully it will be a little easier. As I mentioned in prior updates, Benny is too young to stay still on his own during radiation, so he has to be sedated each time.  The rules for sedation is no food from the night before and no liquids four hours prior. The actual radiation is quick, it’s the set up and recovery that take time.

Yesterday, I took Benny’s older brother Joey with me for help with Benny. As Benny was about to go under sedation I asked him if he would like to go to Disneyland when he wakes up. Sure enough he said yes. His brother Joey looked at me and said “really?”   I said “really” and off we went. The night before, I received an email from Atara J. offering me two tickets to Disney that were going to expire by this Wednesday.  I knew today was going to rain and tomorrow we have a clinic appointment, so yesterday was the only day.

Part of why I pushed myself to go was to kick off my own personal campaign of bringing Simcha, Happiness back into our life.   What better way, then to go to Disney (where all your dreams come true!) Well, not exactly, but Benny and Joey and I for that matter, did have a happy time.

The truth is, it’s not only not realistic to go to Disney every day, it’s not happiness that is ever lasting. True happiness is achieved when you feel a sense of fulfillment. When you do for others. So as I was driving to the hospital this morning, there were several times I let drivers cut in front of me or allow  a car in the opposite direction make a left turn causing me to have to wait an additional few seconds. After that occurred the driver waived thank you and went on her way.

The happiness will come in the in the small actions like holding the door open for someone, wishing them a good day, drawing a smiley face on your child’s lunch bag. The list can go on and on. The point is, it’s easy but we have to make the effort.

One thing for sure, I need to feel rested to be able to experience happiness and so I bid farewell for now.

Pictures of our happy day!

Video : Dontwakethebaby

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