Peace and Quiet

If it was only Shabbos tonight and tomorrow. I love going out and not seeing any cars on the road, stores closed and just “listening” to the quiet. It reminds me of Shabbos in Israel. A sense of calm and serenity both in and outside of the home.   We are especially grateful to have two days off from radiation too.  It was the first time in two weeks that I was able to enjoy a nice breakfast with Benny and my father (who usually visits every morning with bagels for breakfast).

Benny loves spending time with his brother’s. He cries when they leave in the morning and waits by the door around the time they come home from school.   His eyes light up when they walk thru the door and basically I don’t see Benny for the next hour or two.  Benny has a unique bond with his brother Yosef Tzvi (Joey), which Benny calls “Yaya.”   Thinking back to last weeks Parsha and the special bond that Yosef and Binyomin had with each other, I see many similarities.  Yosef Tzvi, loves taking care of Benny, making him laugh, getting him to take his medicine by acting silly, or giving him rides around the house on his shoulders, are just a few examples. Overall, Benny feels protected by his siblings and trusts them explicitly. IY”H may they continue to strengthen their bond for 120 years.



2 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet

  1. Amen. May we all merit that our children develop and keep strong bonds with each other. Very special for you I’m sure, to see this love connection.

  2. Dear Faigie,
    You cannot imagine how much inspiration you give me when I read your posts. You give us a love of life and appreciation of everyone and everything around us!
    For that alone may Benny be blessed with a complete recovery!

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