Rise and Shine

The break was nice while it lasted. We start radiation again tomorrow IY”H bright and early 7AM.  Five more days to go.  How come the 8 days of Chanukah seemed to go by so much faster?  As the saying goes,” time flies when you’re having fun”.   Radiation isn’t fun and it seems to be going on forever.   I am not looking forward to telling Benny he can’t eat breakfast or drink his bottle in the morning.  I hope and pray there won’t be any delays in the morning and everything runs smoothly.

Today, Benny enjoyed breakfast with his Zaida and then a nice walk around the neighborhood. He stopped off at the bakery and was treated to an assortment of cookies from the nice lady behind the counter.

Later on, I took him on another walk. The streets were fairly quiet except for the interesting individual we passed along the way. There was a man singing and dancing in the middle of the side walk, with one shoe on and the other off. He kept on spinning in circles, first with the foot that had the shoe, then with his bare foot.  I passed him fairly quickly, trying not to make it too obvious I was uncomfortable around him. A half block later, all of a sudden, Benny took off his left boot and sock and began to move his foot in a circular motion (luckily he was strapped into his stroller). He was mimicking what he just saw.   What was is that Benny saw?  A man who was out of his mind? or a man as happy as can be with what he has – his own two feet!  It must have been the happy man because he too wanted to dance!

I sometimes find it fascinating to study the mannerisms of these people.  They don’t have a place to live, other than the pavement on the ground, they don’t have a plate to eat off, nor a chair to sit in, and yet, they sing and dance all day long.  So what is it that gives them SImchas Ha’Chaim (happiness from within)?  What is it that gives us Simchas Ha’Chaim?

Many of you write in that you are inspired etc., so am I. Not only by all of you, but, from Benny.  It is he who inspires me and gives me a Simchas Ha’Chaim that I want to share with you.    It is the same SImchas Ha’Chaim I was privileged too, when I spent time with my  Zaida Ben O”H.   The truth is, I always wanted to write a book about my dear Zaida Ben O”H, who was my mentor and best friend. Many of my posts may be written about Benny, but in truth, it is about his great namesake “Zaida Ben” O”H, whom Benny is named after and takes after in every way.

Sometimes it only takes a trip to the bakery to reach your Simchas Ha’Chaim for the day!

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