8th Day

I am not referring to the band, although I wish I were.  I am referring to the rounds of radiation Benny completed. Four more days to go IY”H.   I wish I could say it is getting easier, it is not. This is one treatment that is hard to get used too.  Trying to explain to a two year old he cannot eat or drink, doesn’t seem to work too well.

Today, our appointment was at 7am. The anesthesiologist did not show up until 8:15. It was more than a little frustrating.  Today’s doctor was new to us and did not seem to pleased to be working today for some reason.  Maybe she didn’t get a holiday bonus!  The whole experience was a bit strange. Benny did not fall asleep as quickly as he usually does. The doctor administered the anesthesia in a different way that Benny had been getting it up until today.  After the treatment, Benny usually comes back to the recovery room still asleep on a bed; today, he was brought back into the room crying in the nurses arm. To top it off, he got a mysterious cut on the top of his head, and no one seemed to know how it happened.

We informed our radiologist of what happened and notified him we will have to refuse treatment tomorrow if there is not another anesthesiologist to administer anesthesia tomorrow. We don’t feel comfortable if she were to treat Benny again.

The nurse apologized about the delay and then said, it is only a little while longer that he has to come in.  I responded that even one more day of delays is too many. It is not fair to Benny! We are all at the point that we have had enough and are completely exhausted from this round of treatment.

We have learned quite a bit about hospitals, doctors, nurses and procedures over the last 8 months.  Doctors are humans and can make errors. it is unpleasant when it occurs, but  It is our job as Benny’s parents to look out, speak out and protect him with the best of our ability.

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, be careful what you wish for – it may come true.  I wrote a trip to the bakery is all one needs to find Simchas Ha Chaim. Well, lo and behold when we got home from treatment today, there was a bag at our door step filled with my favorite pie from My Most Favorite Dessert Co. in NY.  I am still not sure how it got to me, but I thank whoever did deliver it and I thank my dear friend Elisheva for buying it!  It really did bring Simcha (happiness) to my day.    The happiness continued later as well, when another friend dropped off smiley face cookies for all the kids.

I hope and pray that tomorrow will go smoothly.  Maybe I will go to the bakery first to buy some Simchas Ha’Chaim for the doctors and nurses. Although, I am not sure if the smell of the delicious pastries will make Benny hungrier than he already is!

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