B”H this morning went a lot smoother than yesterday. Today we had to be at the hospital at 9 am and returned home around noon.  Our concerns from yesterdays episode was addressed and two new anesthesiologists were on call today. Benny was put under in about 10 seconds and came back to the recovery room still asleep and woke up peacefully with his parent’s by his side B”H.

Later in the afternoon I took Benny and Yehoshua to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor in it’s new home at the California Science Center.  I think Benny recognized it when he saw it because of how excited he was.   It wasn’t too long ago that we went out on a Motzei Shabbos to see the Endeavor travel down the streets of Los Angeles to get to it’s final destination.

This stage of treatment feels like forever, both for Benny and his parent’s.  We hope and pray that IY”H all these treatments are behind us very soon and that it will feel like forever ago!!!


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