A Day of Amusement!

Thank G-D for Shabbos. The radiology department is not open on weekends and therefore we are enjoying a nice break.  Due to the weather this past Shabbos, we were content with staying indoors and catching up on much needed rest.   We also had a wonderful time with our children singing Shabbos Zemiros and admiring Benny as he danced around the Shabbos table.

Friday morning we were scheduled to be at the hospital at 7 am.  This was the second appointment of the day. The first slot is for a patient that unfortunately has treatment twice a day ( I can’t imagine that, nor do I want to think about it!).  B”H the treatment went smooth and we were home by 9. Unfortunately, our other children had already left to school so we were not able to wish them a good day in person and kiss them good bye (I’m their mother so I can!). I so look forward to this coming Friday when I can be home and give my children the send off they deserve. It makes such a difference in your child’s day when they are given that extra bit of love and attention before the start of a long school day.

watch the Radiation Parade – Can you find the Parade Master?  radiationparade

This past Shabbos, we were treated to so many special homemade Shabbos treats; potato kugels, liver & coleslaw, challah, chocolate cake, Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes, compote, courtesy of our close friends and Bubby’s chicken soup (Benny’s favorite).

There have been so many attempts at baking Challah for Shabbos,  from buying the ingredients to placing the mixer on the counter ready to start the process, and then Benny decides he wants to be held, anywhere, but the kitchen. So another Friday goes by and the mixer remains empty.  I am envious of all of you woman who are Zoche (merit) each week to be able to fulfill this special Mitzvah of Challah.  We are also grateful that you include Benny in your Tefillos as you recite the Bracha each week. It is clearly evident each and every week as he eats his Challah that he is benefiting from your Mitzvah.  I so look forward to the day very soon IY”H, when our Friday’s, are just the average Erev Shabbos commotion as in every household.

Motzei Shabbos, Benny’s older brother Yosef Tzvi tried out his new cotton candy machine (Happy Birthday!) and with much perseverance he managed to make the entire family their very own cotton candy treat.  Benny liked holding the cone more than getting his hands sticky when trying to eat it.

Today, we tried something new as a family, Miniature Golf. It was Benny’s first time on the putting green.  I wanted to see if he inherited the same skills that my Zaida Ben O”H (may he rest in peace) had.  He definitely shared Zaida’s O”H enthusiasm when he scored par.  I remember my Zaida telling me, what he enjoyed most about playing golf, was not the actual sport, but the time he spent with his brother’s while playing.   Benny and his siblings also enjoyed playing arcade and collecting tickets to redeem for prizes at the end.  It’s quite fascinating to watch children play to win. The sheer excitement and drive they have to win.   What if we could all feel that same excitement when we perform Mitzvos?  Isn’t the prize, the reward after all so much greater than a trinket that breaks after an hour?

watch Benny Golf: bennygolf and skiball

B”H it was a successful day with good Ruach (good spirit), many smiles and lots of laughter.


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