How do you count?

Did you ever stop to think why there are times when we count down 10,9,8,7,….3,2,1 blast off and other times we count up , the first night of the Omer…49th day of the Omer (the period of counting from Pesach to Shavout counting up to the days when we receive the Torah)?

It is a NY tradition in Times Square to count down to the New Year as a crystal ball is lowered down.  Shouldn’t the reverse be done?  The ball should go up towards the Heavens above,  after all aren’t we aspiring to elevate ourselves, to make a change for the better.

Shouldn’t we count the full 365 days in a positive way and not bring it down to zero at the end. Instead, we can take everything we learned from the previous year, transfer it to the New Year, and build from there.  Reseting the clock does spark new energy which is important in making changes, but it doesn’t have to erase the past and start from zero.

This afternoon, we were privileged to a wonderful concert in our home performed by very talented musicians from Eretz Yisroel (Israel). Thank you Reb. Doron for arranging it.  Benny was mesmerized and truly enjoyed the musical instruments and singing as well. As these kind hearted musicians departed our home, they wished Benny a Refuah Shlema. I told them we will IY”H see them in Israel at Benny’s Seudos Hoda (celebration of thanks to Hashem ). In which they answered Amein.

Click on videos to view the concert: singing1     dancing1       dancing2    dancing3  dancing4

Today, there was another celebration taking place across the country in Baltimore. There was a siyum for a group of 18 yeshiva students that have been learning every Shabbos in Shul (outside of school) for the past two months straight as a Zechus (merit) for Benny’s Refuah Shlema.  Benny has never met these extraordinary young men yet, however, he does feel super connected with each and everyone of them.  IY”H he does look forward to the day when he can thank them and bless them in person (after all he is a Kohen!).

Tomorrow, is IY”H day 11/12 of radiation. (Notice how I didn’t say 2 more days left.) The more days behind him, the stronger and healthier he will become. We pray for a smooth and speedy session.

Benny’s late night treat !  He’s saluting to building a better and stronger life IY”H.



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  1. The music is incredible!! How fun to have them playing in your home. Cute Superman too. “Super Benny”!!!

    Happy New Year!

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