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B”H we have not been in the hospital/clinic all week. Instead we have been going on many walks and for the most spending time at home. What happens on the walks,  Benny usually starts off sitting in the stroller and about half way point, Benny wants out. He will walk usually the opposite way we need to go and then when he decided he had enough, he wants to be held the whole way home. Sometimes it is a 25 minute walk back home!   It’s no wonder my elbow is beginning to hurt. Holding him most of the day doesn’t help much either!

During this time off, I thought I would be able to accomplish all the things that were neglected, but that doesn’t seem to be in Benny’s plan. One of the things I must take care of is making sure I am not in contempt of court for not appearing for Jury Duty.  I only found the summons in a pile of mail this week!!!

Last night we had a special visitor Brad Schachter (arranged thru Chai Life Line),  play the keyboard for Benny and his brothers.  What we soon found out after Brad came over is that he is the brother/brother in law of our dearest friends in Passaic.  The boys got into the music pretty quickly and then were given the opportunity to play their own music. Brad was kind and brave enough to leave his keyboards for the kids to break – I mean play with for the week.  So far so good Brad!



Hear Benny compose a song: bennythemusician

Today, we started off the day with Auntie Shira’s Rosh Chodesh Tehillim gathering at the Coffee Bean. B”H there was a very nice turnout of many women coming together to say Tehillim  and hear words of Divrei Torah from Rabbi Eihnhorn, for the Cholim of our community and other’s.  May all our Tefillos be answered this coming month IY”H.

Later in the day, Benny baked his first cake for a dear friend who is celebrating her birthday tomorrow. He even checked the eggs for blood spots, I am not sure about the shells though!  We also made Challah and were able to recite the Bracha as a zechus for complete Refuah Shlema for many Cholim.

watch video of Benny baking :cake

This coming  Shabbos we read about the Ten Plagues. I remember the week Benny had his first symptom of this illness (the second night of Pesach), we were running from doctor to doctor, on the car door where Benny sits there was a grasshopper. Only later did I find out the meaning of the grasshopper. In Perek Shira (the Songs of the Universe) it discusses how a certain grasshopper had medicinal qualities and the ability to cure illnesses.  That was a good sign of hope.  Just a few days ago, we saw another grasshopper in our backyard.  We hope and pray that is another sign that Benny is cured IY”H.

In learning about the Makos (the Ten Plagues), particularly the frog, we have so much to learn from them. They did as they were commanded, they went everywhere, even into hot burning ovens.  Their loyalty, their dedication to their Master did not get in their way of fear. They gave of themselves 100 + %.  During the weeks of Shovavim it is the time for us to look deep into ourselves and connect with our Neshama (soul). Once that connection is made, one achieves a certain Koach (strength) that gives them the ability to put themselves out there without fear.

Tonight, I returned from the Shloshim (30 days since the Petira (passing) of Nechama Bas Kolev .   Nechama Bas Kolev lived her life each and every day with that Koach. She made it look so easy, so natural too.    Her fulfillment in life was seeing to other people’s needs, not her own. Our needs became hers and she didn’t stop until they were fulfilled. No task was beneath her, no distance was too far.   In one of the hespedim (eulogies) said over this evening by Shimson Beinstock (son in law), the word “Chaim” (life) was mentioned. Why is Chaim, Life written in plural?   It is because a persons life is made up by many relationships they have with people, if not for these relationships one lives alone, which is no life!  Nechama Bas Kovel lived a life of Chaim and her legacy will continue to live for generations to come, until the coming of Mosiach IY”H.

B”H Benny is finally sleeping. I better start cooking for Shabbos. We are IY”H having guests, something unfortunately, we have not been able to do for months and months.

PS.  I was so excited earlier today when I placed my first food delivery order by email (around noon). I was planning on cooking tonight when Benny is sleeping. It is a lot easier to cook without  him in my arm.   At around 4:30 I called to see when it will be delivered and I was told at around 5:30 -6. So I waited. Then I had to leave. I left a check on the kitchen counter for my kids to give, but unfortunately, no one ever showed!  By the time I got home, the store was closed.  So I guess I’ll be going to sleep and I’ll cook fresh in the morning. I hope there will be enough time.

Good Shabbos!






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