Bringing in Shabbos Early!

B”H Shabbos was amazing.  The groceries were delivered early Friday morning and we were able to get all the cooking done on time. We even had time to deliver the birthday cake Benny baked. The birthday “girl” was so happy to see Benny and gave him a very special Bracha (blessing). To receive a Bracha from someone celebrating their birthday is a huge honor and brings many merits.

We were told early on in the week that there is tremendous reward, power, etc. if we bring in the Shabbos earlier then when it actually starts.  When the groceries were not delivered Thursday night, all I was worried about was that I won’t have the opportunity to bring Shabbos in early.  B”H I was able to light 10 minutes early and had the opportunity to Daven for all the Cholim that need a Refuah, those that need a Zivug (soulmate,) and other’s to be blessed with children. IY”H all of our Tefillos (prayers) should be answered in this coming week. We also waited to make Havdala, as we weren’t so anxious to have it come to an end!

Benny doesn’t always like to get dressed in the morning, however, on Shabbos all I have to   ask him is “do you want to go to shul?”  He practically dresses himself!  Today, we celebrated Rosh Chodesh Shevat (beginning the month of Shevat)  “SHIN”  “BET” “TET”, “Shem, Brochos Tov.”  May it continue to be a month of good things to come IY”H.

Erev Shabbos, I received an email from a dear friend in Dallas, TX stating that Team Benny is still going strong there and part of the Dallas Team now lives in Israel and is wearing his “Team Benny” cap down the streets of Yerushalyim where many people stop and ask about it.

Tonight, I received an incredible text message from the east coast. It was from a dear friend (my first friend) who’s teenage daughter, Malky and her friend Aviva were making a Siyum (celebration) in completing the Sefer (book) written by the Chofetz Chaim on Hilchos Loshon Hora (laws against speaking slander).  These girls took it upon themselves to learn as a merit for Benny to have a complete Refuah Shlema. They will begin relearning these laws again tom/today. We have tremendous Hakaros Hatov (appreciation) for all your time and effort and hard work in following in the footsteps of the Chofetz Chaim as  Zechus (merit) for Benny’s Refuah. May Hashem repay you with a life full of Simcha (happiness), Bracha (good blessings) and good health.

This evening, as I watched my 7 year old son play a game on the computer I saw something I had never seen before. The game is about building an amusement park with a safari as well. The object is to try and build rides and attractions that would attract the most people and therefore score the most points. Each attraction has parameters and have to be built with high standards in safety. If the lion gets out of his cage because the wrong one was put in place, your in trouble and lose not only customers but points too!  As I watched, I thought to myself , I know our life is recorded and will be played back after 120 years, but what if there was a video game where you could actually see what your Mitzvos, Tefillos (prayers) and Good Deeds are building second by second. How one small act can save a life! What if we could see immediately if we did something harmful, what would happen. It was an amazing concept.  As we receive emails daily from around the world, or meet people in person, telling us of different things being done as a Zechus for Benny’s compete Refuah Shlema and Tefillos (prayers) being said, I imagine strong foundations being laid that will allow him to grow up and live for 120 years IY”H. I imagine a fortified life filled with happiness and good heath for 120.

This Sunday evening, in Los Angeles, we are privileged to have in our community the Tzadik, Aron Margolit, the author of “As Long as I Live.”  A few month’s ago a close friend of mine sent me his book, and ever since then I am huge fan. He is speaking Sun., Mon., Tues. and Wed.  If I tell you, you must go… you must go!  He is one of the most inspiring individuals I have ever read about and can hardly wait to meet him and hear him speak in person. He is speaking at Sharei Torah, Sunday at 8pm and various other locations. You can email if you would like more details. There will be an English translator only at this location.



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