Long time no Speak!

Today, I received an email from a friend I haven’t heard from in a very long time. This friend   corrected my post saying that polio is highly contagious (only through contaminated food and water though!). I did correct it the post, however, I was referring to the stage that no longer posed a threat.

The friend went on to write why she hasn’t been in touch, basically saying that she had a hard time understanding why were going thru this, but has been following the blog.

I can totally understand what she is feeling and I am not upset in the slightest. If Chas Veshalom the situation was reversed, I would be beside myself, sick to my stomach as well, and wouldn’t know how to respond.

Trust me when I say, I am not at all OK that my child has to go thru this. I don’t begin to understand. Especially, when I lie awake at night staring at his beautiful head (B”H his hair is slowly starting to sprout!), and kissing his most delicious fingers as they are wrapped around mine.  One thing I have learned is not to question or try to understand, but think what can I do to make the most of this challenge. I do believe it was for a reason and try and make it as positive as possible.  I share my thoughts with you, not because it’s good therapy. I invite you into our world because in truth we need each and everyone of you to guide us and support us throughout our challenging journey.   We so appreciate and are uplifted by your kind words.  We are moved that you take such a special interest in Benny as if he were your own. If we appear to be strong, all the credit is given to each and every one of you, child, parent, grandparent, boy and girl.

The Tefillos (prayers), the Chasadim (good deeds) and the learning done on Benny’s behalf for his complete Refuah Shlema takes the pain out of the illness.

Tomorrow morning IY”H, we start getting ready for the next and IY”H final phase of treatment. Benny will be going in for scans over the next two days. Please have extra Kavana (concentration) in your Davening (prayers) that he remains to be in the clear and ready to move forward IY”H.

Tomorrow evening, is the Chail Life Line dinner (west coast). This organization has done everything in their power and beyond to help us cope and manage day to day life with Simcha (happiness).  I guarantee that any contribution made will surely put smiles on a child’s face and in fact take away the pain from his/her illness.

May we be Zoche to continue spoiling Benny and all those going through these challenges for 120 years.




One thought on “Long time no Speak!

  1. Faigy, I just caught up on a LOT of time with Team Benny.
    You are all amazing!
    I can’t wait to tell my kids, who will tell their teachers and friends, how well their little fellow Yiddishe Yingele is doing.
    BH BH!!
    May Binyamin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah have a complete complete REfulah Shleimah!

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