Waiting patiently… up to a point!

We had an early start at the hospital this morning with a 7:30 check in time for a CT. Before the actual test, Benny had to drink about 2 cups of liquid containing contrast mixed with juice or soda and then wait an additional 1 1/2 before the test could be done.  The waiting, waiting and more waiting becomes tiring and challenging as Benny becomes restless as expected.  He was quite creative today in finding new hiding places and at one point he just laid down in the middle of the hallway and began to sing and kick his feet.

Video of Benny cleaning the floor : imbrued (luckily it was moped right before)

Picture of CT machine – decorated with all kinds of cheerful stickers

Looks like a doughnut.  The best part is the filling inside the hole – Benny!

After the CT we had about an hour break, so we went home for about 1/2 hour before we had to return to the hospital for a second contrast injection (via port) for tomorrow’s scan IY”H.  Tomorrow, we will again have to be at the hospital at 7:30. Benny will have to be under sedation for this test because he cannot move during the test. The test is about an 1 1/2.   IY”H we pray that all goes well without any complications.

This evening we attended the Chai Life Line dinner. It was an incredible evening filled with inspiration, warmth and a celebration of “life.” I will elaborate in a later post. We have to get up early.



One thought on “Waiting patiently… up to a point!

  1. Dear Faigie,
    It’s wonderful that you just let him be in the hospital hall, waiting is so agonizingly BORING for kids! I bet if he wanted to mop the floor you’d figure out a way to get the cleaning person to give him the mop! And that’s as it should be! Every test and scan should be Good News, have Excellent Results, and Binyamin Chaim will have a Refuah Shelemah. Amen, Amen, Amen.

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