B”H the Scans look Good!

Today, was a day of incredible emotions. I have thought for hours how I can write about them and in fact asked Ari to write tonight’s post, but he declined.

This morning we were scheduled to be in the hospital at 7:30 am for a test called MIBG. It basically is a two hour scan of the body that can detect and light up cells that we don’t want to see exist  in the body. Benny, got up by 6 am wanting to be fed, but I had to tell him, “I am so sorry, not now, after the hospital.”  Benny had to be under sedation for this test, and as you know NPO – nothing by mouth, for at least 4 hours prior to sedation.  Just when we thought those days were behind us…. hopefully not too many more of those, although, he is scheduled for one more next week!

During the two hour scan we were given the opportunity to be M’Vaker Choleh Elimelech Ben Basya who was hospitalized last night for a fever. ( I would not post this information unless it was already posted on his website, www.eligradon.com).  Please have him in mind in your Tefillos for a full recovery, and that in the meantime he will be able to go home and be with his family for Shabbos.   Shabbos is so much better at home!

As we continued to wait, we received an email from our Dr.’s office asking us to meet her after the scans.  We knew she had the results from yesterday’s CT, but figured since we didn’t hear anything, “no news is good news.”

After Benny woke up from anesthesia we proceeded to go to the clinic (outpatient hospital care for oncology patients).  After about an hour of waiting, the doctor entered the room with two head nurses (the social worker was on the floor too).  B”H our level of nerves subsided within minutes after the doctor uttered the words, “the scans look good!”  BARUCH HASHEM! (THANK G-D!)

The remainder of the day continued to be filled with Simcha (happiness) and inspiration.  In Benny’s Zechus we were privileged and blessed with a visit from an incredibly holy Tzadik (righteous man), Rav Aaron Margolit.  Rav Margolit graced us with his presence in our home for more than two hours. His eloquent words of inspiration remain to keep our spirits soaring high.

At the end of every calendar year, the news runs a special feature on the most fascinating people in the world of that year.   Rav Aaron Margolit is by far the most fascinating person I have ever met, not just this year, but in all my years. This holy Tzadik  literally beat the Malach HaMaves (angel of death) more than 4 times in his life. Instead of pitying himself having gone through these immeasurable challenges, he used them to strengthen his belief in Hashem and use his experiences to bring others close to Hashem as well.   He told us he told Hashem, if he keeps him around, he will be an Ambassadar of Hashem and bring Hashem’s children close to Him.  He spends his days and nights visiting those in need, working on projects to bring Shalom (peace) among each other and learning Torah.  He is a Dayan (judge) on a group he has set up to answer questions and work out disagreements Bein Adam L’Chavero (between man and his friend). There is a 24/6 hour/day hotline used for this purpose only. How remarkable is that!  Earn a Mitzah while going for counseling (over the phone and anonymous) and be blessed with clarity, sometimes within minutes. It’s a win win situation.


Each and every person was created and empowered with their unique mission in life. Some are musical, artistic, creative, scholarly, social, there are too many to list. However, everyone has something that he/she are good at, either from birth or learned over the years.  It sometimes take close to a life time to figure out what our purpose is, but when we do, it becomes so clear, the puzzle has been solved.

Sometimes the only way we can find and reach our potential is thru the challenges we face. The challenges we face become easier, more manageable, when are able to discover our own capabilities.

If you still have not read, “As Long As I Live” by Rav Aaron Margolit I strongly urge you too! You may discover talents you never knew you had.

Hashem should bless each and everyone of you that you find your purpose in this world thru Simcha (happiness) and not Tzar (pain).

These past two days I have been surrounded by individuals who have been stricken by this terrible disease and use it as a means to help other’s going thru their own challenge.  I have also met many individuals, including last night at the Chai Life Line dinner who thank G-D don’t have this illness, but so desperately want to do whatever they can to help. Both groups share a commonality, giving of themselves to bring joy to other’s.

After our incredible visit with Rabbi Margolit we were treated to a special visit from our cousins Yehuda and Yocheved from Conn.  They are here for the Torah Mesorah Convention. Anyways, having been thru a similar journey with a child as the one we are currently on, they gave of themselves, put their feelings on the line, to give us Chizuk and validate what we are doing and feeling.  Thank you for taking the time out of your very short trip to the west coast (vacation from the kids)  and spending a couple of hours together. Yocheved, you not only bought a special new board game, you shlepped it across country and sat down to teach my kids how to play. That is cheesed!

There is plenty more to write, but it will have to wait.  B”H I hope to be sleeping soon and more importantly Benny sleep throughout the night with sweet dreams. Thank you Hashem for giving us wonderful results so far, B’ Ezras Hashem Yisboroch. Veiter! (it should continue). Thank you Klal Yisroel for all your Tefillos and Gmilus Chasodim (good deeds) . They are making an impact. and that is caring and doing for other’s .

Watch as Benny trains in a new Team Benny player:

catchwRabbi Margot


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