Complain about what?

This past Shabbos we were privileged to have attended the Torah Umesorah convention in Los Angeles. We were Zoche to be among 100’s of very special individuals who spend hours and hours a day, weeks and years with our children.  The atmosphere was truly inspirational as a result of the holy men/women that were there and the incredible speeches and words of Chizuk (inspiration) spoken.   I hope I have elaborate soon on the speeches.

Today, Benny enjoyed the morning with a visit from his cousins and later attended his brother’s science fair at school. Benny loves going to school, he seems to be the most popular kid in school and never spent a day there. Even the security guard is on a first name basis with Benny.

Tomorrow, is a big day IY”H.  I wish I could say it’s all going to be fun. The morning starts off pretty early with a 5:30 arrival at the hospital (in less than 5 hours). Benny will be undergoing a bone marrow aspiration test.  We pray with Hashem’s help that Benny passes this test 100 % with a ZERO!  (Zero, bad anything, if you get what I mean!)

Tomorrow afternoon, is when the excitement begins IY”H. We will be going on our first family vacation since our new journey began last April.  We are taking the kids to Seattle, WA. For those of you who don’t know, Seattle is where I was born and partially raised. My great grandfather Zaida Moshe, settled in Seattle in 1907.  My Zaida Ben O”H (whom Benny is named after) was born there in 1913.   I am so excited to show my kids around and introduce them to my great Aunt Ruthie, and visit with Uncle Melech & Aunt Chanie, and many cousins; stay in Zaida and Bubbie’s house O”H (thanks to cousin Etzion and Marlene); and possibly meet Sus (the famous horse). “Sus, was Zaida’s (imaginary) horse that lived in the garage. Every time we went down to see him and he wasn’t there,  Zaida said,” he must be swimming in the lake!” I look forward to relating and hearing many, many family stories from the family.

The part I don’t like and sometimes complain about is the packing. Deciding what to bring:  warm clothes, cool clothes, too much! too little!  I wish I could just go somewhere and have everything I need there, without having to bring it.   Benny did his best to help out a little.

I used to think, ” why am I  complaining at all? There are many less fortunate that are not going away and would love to have such problems as deciding what to pack etc.”  But then I thought to myself, that it should be the greatest Bracha and that this should be the worst thing Hashem gives me to complain about.   I guess the ultimate test is not to complain at all, but if you happen to be the recipient of a test in life, I’d rather have it be what to decide to pack then have a test that requires anesthesia. Even in the test of packing, one can be thankful to Hashem for giving you the ability to pack, having what to pack, packing under the weight restrictions and even giving you space in your suitcase to bring back souvenirs that you don’t need!  THANK YOU HASHEM! Thank You! Thank You!

Watch the video of going to seattle

4 hours until I have to get up…. good night!  Please have extra K’vana in your Davening tomorrow. Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah




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