Winter Break in Seattle

I cannot begin to describe the feeling of being in Seattle, staying in the home where my grandparents used to live.  Thanks to cousin Etzion and Marlene, the house remains in the family. They have done an incredible job preserving the house just like my grandparents kept it.  Unfortunately, Bubbie’s rice krispy treats have disappeared.

Although, the wonderful memories are very much alive of my childhood, being here with my children and creating new memories are equally gratifying.

Outside of my Zaida Ben’s O”H study where he learned countless of hours, and gave Shiurim to hundreds, his second favorite place was his porch.  The porch was a place where my Zaida paced back and forth with a toothpick in hand, thinking, concentrating, enjoying the beauty Mt. Rainer, and most of all connecting with Hashem.   (Refer back to my blog of climbing a mountain.  I once attempted to climb Mt. Rainer, but was not very successful. The altitude affected by breathing, so I left.)

My Zaida O”H had incredible insight and wisdom. He knew what to say, when to say it and how to say. No question was too big, too little or unimportant for him to answer. He validated all of our concerns and always answered with a loving smile.

Seeing Benny walk and run in the footsteps of my Zaida (his namesake) made this trip worth it.  Benny even found a toothpick.  He wasn’t quite sure what to do with it and I had to take it away when he started to place it up his nose. ouch!

My Zaida was the best tour guide in Seattle.  I am doing my best to show my children what I remember Zaida Ben O”H showing me. Enjoy the collage of pictures.  And yes, we were fortunate to see the mountain!

Benny flies the plane

Seattle Museum of Flight

At the Seattle Aquarium   WATCH VIDEO OF THE SEA OTTOR FEED: Aquarium

Riding through the Seattle Locks (my Zaida’s favorite place)

Benny drives the Bus – He even hummed the “Wheels of the Bus” the wipers of the bus go swish swish swish…

Pike Place Market

Yehoshua was mighty brave holding an octopus.

Watch video of pikeplacefishmarket

Have a Good Shabbos!  Have Tu’Bshvat


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