Genauer Country

Spending Shabbos with my own children is Seattle was quite moving. Seeing my boys Daven in the place where their great-grandfather, great uncles, and Zaida sat brought back many childhood memories. Even memories of getting candy from Mr. Frand (Rabbi Frand’s  father O”H), the candy man. And oh how my Zaida would have loved to hear Ari Davening Musaf for the Kehilla (congregation).  After davening, I had a chance to sit in the place where Zaida Ben O”H davened and tap into Zechus Avos.  What greater access point to plead our case, then where my Zaida spent years, decades, davening to Hashem.

IY”H may the Tefillos of all our ancestors be a Zechus for a completer Refua Shlema for Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah.

Last night in Seattle, we had a special Melave Malka hosted by cousin Esther and Michel Friend, for all the Genauer cousins in Seattle ( in town).  When many Genauer cousins get together, we refer to it as Genauer Heaven and just so happens it was in Genauer Country. Benny and siblings had the privilege of meeting their great great Aunt Ruthie and listening to old time stories.


Today we spent the day touring the sights of Seattle which included the famous Space Needle, the Science Center which included the butterfly exhibit, and the Chihuly Glass Museum

While viewing the butterfly exhibit, as soon as we entered the room a butterfly flew directly on to Benny’s cap and rested there for several minutes. The butterfly was drawn to Benny and Benny did not seem to mind. This brought back great memories of Benny holding the butterfly months ago. It also reinforced what a butterfly stands for and that is regrowth, renewal, rebirth…life.  Quite appropriate being that we just celebrated Tu Bshvat (the birthday of the trees….nature).

Benny at the Sceince Center

Chihuly Glass Museum

Space Neeedle

watch video of butterfly resting on Team Benny Cap: butterfly

Benny looking for butterfly under sign : butterfly1

The all time favorite for Benny and for Zaida O”H is/was “The Porch.”  A place that allows for direct access to Hakodesh Barucho,  just my opening your eyes and seeing the magnificent glory of Hashem’s world.


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