Musician, Singer, Dancer, Conductor – Take you Pick!

B”H, Benny continues to enjoy his time at home or on trips around the neighborhood. I think his favorite outing is going to Shul and one of his favorite indoor activities is listening and dancing to music.

Last night we were once again privileged to hear a live performance in our home from the very talented and well known vocal artist, Efraim Mendelson from Israel.  I am not sure why he was in town, but he should just know that after his concert last night for Benny, he was successful in his journey to America.  He brought so much joy and happiness to Benny that even after he left, Benny stayed up dancing for another 40 minutes until 11:40 pm. I could have watched him all night long.





playing the keyboard


We are currently selling tickets for Benny’s live performance IY”H very soon.

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