The 5 Second Rule!

B”H this did not break in my kitchen, nor did I drop it. It happened in the supermarket Thursday night.   While I felt bad for the employee who was stocking the Gefilte fish, I did feel better knowing I was not the only one dropping or making a mess of things that night.    It was just an hour earlier that the bread machine went flying and so did the flour, sugar, eggs and oil. I was multi tasking at the time, and instead of saving time, it cost me!  In the past if something falls on a “clean” floor, the 5 second rule applies (pick it up, see if it’s clean, maybe even blow off dirt -ewh! and continue).  When Benny was diagnosed, one of the first things we were told is the 5 second rule no longer applies.   Don’t think I really needed to be told, we never used this rule anyway, unless perhaps it was the last piece of some delicious chocolate that was imported from Belgium and fell on the floor!

So, there I was in the grocery store, late Thursday night buying some more ingredients for Shabbos.  Fortunate for the company on Shabbos, all the food was very fresh and clean :). As I began to load the groceries into the car, I noticed a long sharp nail on the ground near one of my tires. B”H, Hashem opened my eyes and allowed me to spot the nail before it pierced my tire.  At that point, it hit me…the Five Second Rule!  If I had not looked around my surroundings for a quick 5 seconds, then it would have cost me, not only monetary but time.

The Five Second Rule, goes way beyond the food falling on the floor. It can apply to just about anything in our lives.  For example, wait 5 seconds after the light turns green to make sure the intersection is clear before you proceed.  When the doctor said the rule no longer applies to foods going inside the mouth, I thought about applying the same rule to what comes out of the mouth.  I am not referring to food though!  What about applying the Five Second Rule to speech. It can

be 5 extra seconds to take before reciting Tehillim (Psalms) or Davening (prayers) to think about what you are about to say. Those 5 extra seconds can also be applied to our conversations. Is what about to come out of our mouths clean? Or can it Chas Veshalom (G-D Forbid) cause harm, to ourselves and to other’s?  Five Seconds is not a great deal of time. It is something we can all handle and yet it can save many, many lives.

As a Zechus for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah and many other Cholim, please try and find something positive in your life to apply this rule too!

To all our Team Benny members, please feel free to share your Five Second tips and stories with us all.  Thank you!



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