Heading Back East…

(written a few hours ago…we’ve landed safely B”H and on our way to the hospital)

Ari and I, are on the plane now heading to NY/NJ to be M’Vaker Choleh (visit the ill), Refael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka and his parent’s.  I want to believe with all my heart and soul that Yoel (as we call him) will have a complete Refuah Shlema without any side effects.   I want this to happen even before this plane touches ground.  I want to be going in today to celebrate the “good news.”  While I try and work on to have Emunah (belief), at the same time I am so frightened

After communicating with our friend, Rabbi Feder late last night, he wrote to me, “it doesn’t look good”.    He went on to say, that the Dr.’s say there may be damage to the brain Chas Veshalom (G-D Forbid).   I think back daily to the time when Benny was first diagnosed and what the doctors had to say.  I was given the most valuable advice at the time from a dear friend, “When you hear good news… Thank the Ribono Shel Olom (G-D), When you hear news you don’t want to hear… they are not the Ribono Shel Olom (G-D).”

For the past two hours I am sitting here on the plane thinking what I can possibly do to help out in this situation. What I should say or when to remain silent, when to cry or when to laugh, it all boils down to what are we going to do to make things LOOK GOOD.

These next few days are critical. Yoel is in an induced coma to allow the swelling in his head/brain to go down. These next few days are a Bracha in that the diagnosis is unknown.  It is well known that learning Torah sharpens the mind.  If at any point throughout the day you learn or your children are learning please have in mind Refael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka, that IY”H he too will be able to learn everything that you are learning. He too will be able to walk and talk, dance and sing.

I am not an author, nor in the position to write about this special, holy family. It is a story, one long, long, long story of battles and triumphs that can fill up the entire New York Library, but if you knew (probably wouldn’t believe),  you would do what you can to make things “LOOK GOOD.”

Hashem Please Have Mercy on Refael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka, his mother Chaya Malka Bas Leah Frumit (also in need of a complete Refuah Shlema ) and his father Avrohom Elielech Ben Nechama Esther (survivor from cancer as well B”H).

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