Refael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka

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My hands tremble once more, (B”H is has been a long while and I hope to never tremble like this again).

This morning I woke up to an email that was sent from my community across country, Pasaic/Clifton, to please daven for Yoel Ozer. Refael was just added a few hours ago!

Shocked is not the word. My best friend’s two year old child was hit by a car. Baby Yoel is just a few weeks apart from Benny, his buddy. (I write my best friend, because she is and so is everyone else that meets her). My best friend, Chaya Malka Bas Leah Frumit is in need of her own refuah as she is battling cancer for the past 20 years. She just got out of the hospital less than 2 weeks ago from getting over pneumonia.  Refaell Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka is in critical condition with a severe head trauma. We need to do everything in our power to bring this precious child back to his parents. I don’t have the answers to what is going on in the world, I just know we have the power to stop it.  Big or Little, Enormous or Tiny, make a change and it will make a difference. I don’t know how, but I know it WILL!

Please take time in your day today to daven for Rafael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka and Chaya Malka Bas Leah Frumit. This family needs us now more than ever.

Below is a picture taken 2 + years ago when five of us friends living within one block of each other had babies within 6 weeks of each other. Baby Yoel is on the right. Benny is center. Ruthie (who was at the scene of the accident at the time was B”H not injured Chasdei Hashem).


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  1. BS”D

    Like myself, many others in Israel are still praying for this little boy. Please give us an update. Thank you.

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