Life’s Mission – Make Hashem Proud!

(this is a revised post – Proud in addition to happy!)

It is 1:43 am as I finally am able to sit down and update.

I was told a while back that people saying Tehillim for a Choleh should be updated daily as to his/her condition.  Good news brings encouragement and hope that their Tefillos are working and IY”H will continue forward.  The good news I have to report tonight is that IY”H our Tefillos our Zechusim our tears are being gathered in Shemayim (in Heaven). Refael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka has remained about the same since yesterday, which is good in that it did not get worse.

We landed this afternoon at JFK, rented a car drove straight to the hospital with one detour. We stopped in Teaneck to get some food for Michelle (Chaya Malka), (who has zero appetite, unfortunately, we know that all too well), and for ourselves.  The reason I am telling you this is, as we parked and began walking into the cafe, there is Rabbi Avi Feder. He also went to pick up food for his wife, not knowing we were there. NY/NJ is big, very big.  What are the chances bumping into someone from a different neighborhood. What are the chances Rabbi A. Feder being the first person we see? You tell me!!!

That is Rabbi Feder, in the midst of the most excruciating challenge of his life, he is fulfilling Hachnosis Orchim, and making sure his wife has food to eat, in case she wants too.  Makes sense, being that his name is Avrohom.  I said to my husband today on the plane, if you look into the Feder names Avrohom Elimelech and Chaya Malka, both second names represent royalty. They truly are a KING and QUEEN.  We must all unite together to do what we can for their precious child, the son of royalty, Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka and the entire family.  He is our child too.

It was a Bracha seeing Rabbi A. Feder outside of the hospital first. An hour later we made it to the hospital and then the shock that was felt yesterday became all too real.

NO PARENT and I REPEAT, NO PARENT should ever have to see or experience his/her child in crisis, in trauma, in a hospital bed fighting to live.   When we say the Bracha Pokeach Ivrim, we should have in mind that our eyes be blessed by seeing only sweetness in this world. Let parents, grandparents only see Nachas, good health and Simcha in their children’s lives. Please Daven that Chaya Malka and Avrohom Elimelech wake up in a few hours to see their beautiful baby with the Simcha that they are so worthy of.

I had no idea what I would say to Michelle when I saw her. After crying for a while we sat down and I shared with her what the Los Angeles community has done and continues to do for her son.  I told her of the many other cities as well. It brought her tremendous comfort and I hope, HOPE!

This evening there was a Tehillim gathering for the entire Clifton/Passaic community for Refael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka. Hundreds and hundreds of women came out late into the evening with their Tehillim and tears to do what they can, Daven (IY”H I will share this too in a few hours).  I was torn what to do, leave the hospital to attend this gathering or stay at the hospital. I went for one reason only, to deliver a message from Chaya Malka.  Her message was, “her mission in life”. Her mission in life, is to make Hashem proud. To raise her children so that Hashem will be proud.

How could Hashem not be proud after an evening like tonight? How could Hashem not be happy with the incredible changes people are doing around the world as a Zechus for Refael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka, speedy and full recovery.  Mi She Nichnas Adar Marbim BeSimcha, is around the corner. Please help bring joy back into the Feder family today! Please Hashem make it Your Mission, make Chaya Malka Bas Leah Frumit happy.

It was extremely difficult walking into this gathering tonight. I have been yearning to return “home” for so many months now to see my dear friends, whom I consider family. And now I had the opportunity to see everyone, but under these circumstances. Definitely, bitter sweet.

B”H, H,ashem eased the difficult pain of this journey by allowing Benny to be happy with the arrangements that we set in place. I have never left him for even one night since last April. When I called home tonight, they said he was having a ball. I hope and pray he will be OK IY”H tonight as well ( I am not there to sleep by his side).


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