Rosh Chodesh Adar

B”H we had the force of Rosh Chodesh Adar to help us thru the beginning of this intense treatment.   Our doctor and countless nurses tried to prepare us over the last several weeks, of what might occur. I have found it very difficult to prepare for the possibility that Benny could have intense pain. A pain like no other. B”H we are grateful to report as of 8 hours into the treatment, Benny is comfortable. He was in good spirits throughout the day and is now resting.  We pray that all of our’s/your’s Tefillos and merits continue to work to help Benny get thru what he needs to do, without any side effects.

To update you on Refael Yoel Ozer on the east coast:  Yoel remains stable B”H.  The CT he took earlier shows multiple (many, many)  fractures in his skull and face.  The details are too graphic to share, but know, they are serious.  The doctors are saying he will most likely remain in the intensive care unit for the next month and if he is well enough after that, be moved to a rehab facility to continue with the healing process.  This could take anywhere between 6-12 months. Then the doctors are talking about multiple surgeries down the line.  The doctor’s are going to try and gradually take Yoel out of his induced coma, and only then, can they see if Chas Veshalom Yoel has suffered damage to his brain.   I can’t beg you enough on behalf of Michelle and Avi and all the family to do what you can to help make baby Yoel the miracle baby that comes out of this coma without “a scratch.”  If Chas Veshalom they are faced to travel on a long hall ahead of them, that they are given strength, support and the endurance to make the trip.

It is hard to fully focus on Benny, when all I can think of is Yoel, Michelle, Avi and family.  So instead of excluding Benny, I periodically, show him pictures of Yoel, the pretty and not so pretty. When he see’s the one of him in the hospital lying in the intensive care unit, you can clearly see on his face, the pain Benny feels for him. He even blew Yoel a kiss.   If Benny can feel for him, how much more so, we can.

Chodesh Adar, is a month representing Simcha, happiness. Please take a moment out of your day to do something to add Simcha to the world. “Don’t worry Be Happy!”  Thru your Simcha the Refuah will come.

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