The Crossing Guard

The Crossing Guard

I have a newfound respect for the crossing guard.  After another sleepless night, this time thinking about my friend’s baby, for some  strange reason a crossing guard enters my thoughts.

Although, this horrific accident could not have been prevented by a crossing guard, it got me thinking to how many of our children on a daily basis are shielded and protected by these individuals.   They put their lives on the line every single day, day after day, year after year, and some decade after decade. They not only stand on a corner holding a STOP sign, they enter into the middle of the intersection, holding a STOP sign, or their hand up as our precious children cross the street, going to or from school. They are not doctors or nurses, but if you think about it, the end goal is the same, protecting our children and helping save lives. WOW!

Some of these crossing guards have worked decades. Showing up early every morning, standing in the rain, snow and100 degree weather. To top it off, they are wearing a SMILE. Maybe they know they understand the true meaning of life. They understand that being a crossing guard is not a career, but it is who they are as a person. It defines them as a sincere, selfless, caring person who receives great satisfaction when doing for other’s. What is more rewarding than seeing the smiles of these magnificent children day in and day out, especially after the bell rings and class is dismissed for the day!

There is one guard in particular at my children’s school who loves Benny and always cheers, “Team Benny.”  He’s not even a student there, YET!   When we were collecting for Super Storm Benny to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims, this guard was the one who loaded the boxes into the truck.  WOW!

I salute you and all the guards around the world.

I beseech of YOU, Hakadosh Baruch Hu to be the Ultimate Guard and watch over all of us day and night from any harm.

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  1. Dear Faigie
    What a beautiful thought, and so true. To take on a job protecting our children, what is more important? May Hashem give Benny a Refuah Shelemah and give him a pain-free time in the hospital this entire week.


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