Former Patients Now Visitors B”H

(This post was written last night, however, the computer froze in the middle and I fell dozed off, so now I will rewrite some of what I can remember).

This morning Benny was set free for a couple of hours. He enjoyed play time in the music/art room with musical instruments and stringing beads.  At about 11 am he was reconnected to begin today’s infusion.  B”H he was able to tolerate the medication most of the day without side effects. As the afternoon progressed, Benny spiked a fever. It has been up and down now for several hours.  Fevers are expected as one of the side effects during this treatment (we were hoping that this wouldn’t happen).

I thought I would share with you the B’samim (spices) that Hashem sent throughout the day. Of course the visit from his Bubbie, Zaida and great aunt Ayala and auntie Shira were the highlight of Benny’s day.  We also had visitors from Chai Life Line and Bikur Cholim.  There were dozens of other’s wanting to come, however, I told them Benny really up to visitors at this time. The most important thing is to keep Benny relaxed and not agitated.

Earlier in the morning Benny and I had a chance to stroll the hallways. It was then that we bumped into an “old buddy, Brody.”  They had just come up the 4th floor to visit the nurses.  Brody is just turning 2. He was one of the first kids we met during our very first hospital stay. At the time, his parents did not know his outcome. He had been in the hospital for months.  Yesterday, he came in for an outpatient visit to go over his 6 month scans.   They were “great” scans Thank G-D.  Then about 15 minutes later out of the elevators comes Kate. A beautiful 14 year old, also a patient in the hospital during our first hospital stay.  She had a rare tumor at the time. Yesterday, with a head full of thick gorgeous hair, she was reviewing her 9 month “clean” scans.  I truly believe that Hashem orchestrated these visitors, as we begin our final phase of treatments, as a sign that IY”H Benny too, will be coming back as a “visitor” and not as a patient.

2 thoughts on “Former Patients Now Visitors B”H

  1. Amen! Feigy I always read your blogs and daven for Benyamin Chaim. Just want you to know your in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Benny brought the Shema pillow you made for him to the hospital. He has it next to him in bed all day and night. It was such a thoughtful gift. We really treasure it! miss you!

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