Prayer Reduces Fever

This morning started at about 4 am with fevers hitting 103 and by 5 Benny hit temperatures of 105.4.   As orders were put into the pharmacy for a cooling blanket, Ari sent out an email asking for extra prayers and having Benny in mind during davening. Within a half an hour, Benny’s fever drastically went down and that was all due to your Tefillos (the cooling blanket hadn’t even arrived).

It’s about 8:30 pm, we have 2 more hours to go of this treatment.   It’s been a very long and tiring and at times unnerving week.  We hope with Hashem’s help, Benny’s fevers will go away and we will be able to go home for Shabbos. I miss my kids, Benny misses his siblings. We just want to be home already. If I had a pair of Red Ruby slippers on my feet now, I would rub them and wish I were home sitting at our Shabbos table.

Quick update of Refael Yoel Ozer: He remains stable. The doctor’s are trying to remove the shunt which helped relieve pressure to the brain.  They believe the pressure has gone down, but have to monitor it closely. A tracheotomy is scheduled for Shabbos day. He is still in an induced coma, which give us more time to cry and pray for the best possible outcome. Please continue to have Refail Yoel Ozer in all your Tefillos.  His parents too want to be home for Shabbos.  For those of you baking Challah this Shabbos, please don’t forget to sign up. Thank you!  If you would like a special Challah card with the bracha to say, please email me and I can send you one (with Benny’s picture on it too!)

Good Shabbos!

Picture of Benny Davening. This is what he did every day.

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