Nissim… The Miracles of Chodesh Adar

This just in… update of baby Refael Yoel Ozer ben Chaya Malka, by Michelle

Dr knocked on my door in hospital and told me that yo is saying daddy !!!!! He is moving his feet a little.  This is the first day of progress we saw!!! This is all bc of everyone’s Tefilloss and tzdaka !!! Please keep davening for him. We have a long road ahead but Avi and I are just holding his hand. He is squeezing my hand!!!

to add,  just hung up with Michelle,   Refael Yoel Ozer just said “Mommy.”

I can’t even begin to count all the emails of changes that people are making around the world for our little boys.  It is truly a miracle and incredible to witness and be a part of. IY”H it should just continue for all those in need of their miracle.

B”H Benny’s fever just went down and we are in the process of getting discharged.  Just in time for Shabbos with time to spare!  Thank you all for your continuos and tireless efforts.  You are all TREMENDOUS!!!






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