Beautiful Purim Poem

This poem was sent to us by our friends Meir and Yocheved K. of Passaic. It speaks for itself!

This year instead of a cute & funny poem about our theme
we will try to help a Passaic mother fulfill her dream.

A little boy is in the hospital, a tragedy occurred
a family is broken, with so many tears, their vision is blurred.

Although the future is unclear, there is something we can do
daven & learn with him in mind, & don’t forget Tehillim too.

But one thing more, a special request straight from a mother’s heart
to make a commitment to be better or a new mitzva in his merit, to start.

So on this day of Purim we can help turn sadness into joy
to be mispallel for V’nahpuch Huh, a complete refuah for this boy.

Let us add for them some extra simcha, as Purim is almost done
I am sure they will feel it because k’ish echod b’laiv echad, Klal Yisroel is One!

We wish Refael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka a quick and complete refuah shelaima!



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