Simchas Purim

The Purim Spirit began this past Monday. Chai Life Line hosted a fabulous Purim party with the theme of “CandyLand.”  Every kids dream!  Benny and his siblings and many other families had a wonderful time and were truly happy.

Video from purim event: 18eventpurim

The festivities continued on Thursday night after the fast, when Bnos Devorah students dressed up as Umpa Lumpa’s, performed for Benny, his siblings and another family. They then invited us on a “Woody Bus” (a remodeled school bus with couches and wood paneling inside and out), to take us on a trip to Munchies. The kids were treated to ice cream and candy.

Friday, was carnival day at school. Benny even played a part in deciding which costumes his brother’s should wear. Check out the one he chose!


Purim night Benny wanted to join us in listening to the Megillah reading in Shul. He was amazing and only made noise when Haman was said. I was so grateful that he allowed me to hear every word.

Our theme this year was Simcha, Ada Lo Yoda.  What better way to achieve that level is with a little help from  some alcohol. So beer it was. From a family that doesn’t drink it was a stretch. But, B”H we all managed to be happy inside and out.

Purim day was filled with activity from morning until almost midnight. Benny was kept busy jumping on moon bounces, dancing with Yeshiva boys that came collecting for their Yeshivos, delivering Shaloch Manos and most importantly, getting his hands on as much candy as possible.  You should have seen him stuff his pockets!  His pockets were out of space for the Purim gelt he collected too!

Video of Benny dancing: dancingpurim

The day turned to evening fairly quickly.  We enjoyed a magnificent Purim feast hosted by our  friends, and later attended a community wide Purim Concert, hosted by the Rechnitz Family. They went out of their way to make sure Benny and I had a comfortable seat, front row.  Thank you! It was so beautiful to watch Benny clap his hands and wave them to the music. He really felt the spirit of Purim and was truly happy.  His favorite performers were the Kinderlach from Israel. Sorry, MBD, he liked you too, but they were closer to his size.

Video: kinderlach1 and kinder2

All day long today, I said, “can you imagine Purim lasting 8 days!”  Someone replied, it lasted for months in Shushan.  The thought of it gave me a hangover!

Now comes the fun part, dividing up the candy among my children and telling them which candies they are not allowed to eat.  My 7 year old asked me tonight, “why isn’t Purim at the beginning of the year?  Then I could have an entire year to eat it!”  Excellent question, indeed.

We are so grateful that we were home for Purim, however, there was not a minute that went by that we did not think of our dear baby, Refael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka  and dear parent’s, who are still in the hospital. Purim is Michelle’s favorite holiday.

Throughout the day, we received messages from all over the world of people Davening for Benny’s Refuah on this Holy day. The night of Purim our dear siblings Chani and Allan, sponsored a night of learning of more than 200 young individuals who learned as a Zechus for Benny’s refuah Shlema. Thank you!

IY”H may all our Tefillos be heard and fulfilled in the coming of days.


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