A Day trip to the Zoo

Yesterday, Benny had a fabulous day at the Santa Barbara Zoo with his great Aunt Tiki, great Uncle Simmy and cousin’s William and Jared. Benny didn’t mind to the two hour ride each way, as he was entertained sitting next to his cousins, speaking gibberish.

Benny was so cute imitating the animals; in sound, like a lion roaring and in motion, like the flamingos standing on one leg.  He’s been roaring and standing on one leg ever since. When I ask him about the Gorilla, he puts his finger to his lips and says, “SH SH!”  The gorilla was napping for a while.




I have been trying to store up good memories for when we go into the hospital next week for two weeks. Benny loves watching the videos of all the trips we’ve taken and it really puts him in a good mood.  I am hoping it will help pass the time next week.

Today, we went for a stroll at the Grove with Bubbie. Benny met a new 4 legged friend there  by the name of Sunny Ray. Sunny Ray is a trick dog that wears really cool sunglasses. Benny thought it was pretty silly, but enjoyed watching him perform some tricks.

His favorite store at the Grove is the candy store.


B”H Benny’s hair is growing more and more every day. It’s pretty amazing how he always wants to keep his head covered, either with a cap or a yalmuka. He even wants to wear a head covering to sleep.






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