S’mon Tov U Mazal Tov

Today, B”H we had two Uf Ruff’s (generally the Shabbos before the groom gets married, he is called to the Torah to get an Aliya  (recite a blessing)  to go to.  My son Shmuel Tuvia, was appointed the important job of handing out the candies as the ladies came to shul. (it’s a tradition to throw candies at the groom after he recites a blessing).  Benny on the other hand, appointed himself as the designated taster, making sure the candies were good enough to eat. He had to go thru a  number of candy bags to make certain that they were not only good, but great.

After the candy was thrown and Mazal Tov’s were wished, the Bubbe (grandmother) of the Chosen (groom), turned to me in Shul and said the most beautiful thing ever. She said she will IY”H be at Benny’s Uf Ruff throwing candies too. She meant it too!  Throughout the day, I am approached by people telling me they are davening for Benny multiple times a day.  It is a remarkable feeling knowing we are not in this alone. It is even more remarkable as someone who is caught up in the excitement of their own SImcha, to think of other’s and  wish the same for them. It reminds me of a Kallah (bride) who called me on the day of her wedding, last month,  in the midst of all her preparations, to give Benny a Bracha. You are all so special. It is good deeds like that, that make Hashem proud.

While we are not in the midst of our own SImcha at the moment, I too would like to give a Bracha to these young adults who are about to embark on the most important journey of their lives, together with their soul mate. I would like to bless you with true Simchas Hachaim  (happiness), good health always, good Mazal (fortune),  and Menuchas Hanefesh (peace in your soul). This inner peace should always give you the ability to conquer the challenges of life in a manageable, calm fashion and even bring happiness.

Wishing you all a safe and wonderful week ahead!

Picture of Benny at the park on Friday, courtesy of his favorite baby-sitter Alti.



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