Check in – single occupancy please!

Quick blog… Benny is finally sleeping and I finally have given in to sleep when he does, at least 1/20 times. Plus I have an incentive, a friend of mine told me she would play with Benny ALL day tomorrow so I can “blog” adequately and sleep tonight.

As we were getting ready to go to the hospital this morning, we had a special visitor from the valley, “auntie” Yehudis.  She not only came with a loads of energy and good laughs which Benny loves, she supplied us with new Elmo toys for the hospital. It put Benny in a great mood.

We arrived at the hospital around 10:30 this morning.  Upon every admittance to the hospital you have to go thru admitting, insurance info etc.   Today, took unusually long because our insurance has changed and everything had to be put into the system. I won’t bore you with the details.   We were quite anxious to get upstairs to the 4th floor already, because we knew the hour that Benny is “hooked up” is the hour we will be discharged on Friday IY”H.

We made it to the 4th floor around 11:10.  Unfortunately, the check in or the hospital room did not go as one would hope when checking into a hotel. When we got up to our room, we found out we were bed “B” and there was a patient in bed “A.”  This patient was a young adult, with interesting taste in TV shows (blasting across the room behind the curtain).  We were told it would only be temporary as a single room would become available in a few hours. So we waited. Not so patiently though.  Benny was given Benadryl before his infusion and that really set him off. He spent the next hour crying and crying. Maybe it was a combination of the meds and the loud noise from behind the “neighbor’s” curtain.

We ran into one other complication and that was getting blood drawn through his line. His line was clogged and needed a special medication called TPA that unclogs the line. It usually takes about an hour for the medication to work. This all resolved itself and the infusion was ready to begin by 2:30.  When Benny saw the pole with the medication being wheeled in, he quickly motioned a “no” with his hand and said “no.”   He also tried unscrewing his line as well. I hope my worrying about it yesterday, did not actually bring it on today.

A few hours later, a private room opened up. The only catch was, it was in the nosiest location on the floor. I knew we would not get any sleep there, so I decide to hold out for a different room.

B”H we were fortunate to get our favorite room.  You must all know by now which one it is. The “eagle” room. We settled in around 7:30 pm.  Better late than never and B”H much, much quieter.  The view is my favorite one from all the rooms.

Zaida and Bubbie and brother, Yosef Tzvi (Joey) came to visit this evening. Benny loved dancing and singing with his Zaida and Bubbie. Please come again soon!  Hopefully, Benny will sleep through the night and maybe we’ll be lucky enough, that the nurses will too!!!

Thought you might like to see Benny rehearsing for his concert : trailer and trailer2

ok, so maybe the back up needs a little more practice.

Thank you Aunt Tiki and Uncle Simmy for the special new symphony toy . It’s perfect! 

Tomorrow Refael Yoel Ozer ben Chaya Malka will be moving to a rehab facility.  I heard from Michelle earlier that B”H he started to speak a little on Shabbos and a little more today.  These are good signs B”H. They are signs that all of our tefillos and extra zechusim being done are working.  Keep up the amazing work you all our doing on behalf of our boys. We cannot carry this load alone!  IY”H the transition should go safely and swiftly.




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