What defines us?

It’s try and sleep or update the blog.  Last night I opted to try and sleep.  The days have been long trying to keep Benny happy and most of all comfortable.

This week is supposed to be a quiet, boring week. “Supposed to” isn’t working out.  B”H we are grateful in the lack of fear that this week’s medications bring. Until this morning, Benny did not show any signs of weakness. This morning he spiked a fever and some red blotchiness on his cheeks, along with some dryness in his eyes.  He’s been a bit irritable throughout the day as well, making the day go by much longer than usual.

Yesterday, Benny spent a couple of hours in the morning with his Daddy before he had to go to work. Benny’s been waking up before 7 and asking for his Daddy every few minutes until he arrives.  Late morning,  his friend Tamar came to visit for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t let me out of his sight, so I did not have a chance to update the blog or more importantly rest.

Most of the afternoon we hung out in the playroom. There, we were entertained by a group of artists from Dreamworks production, that draw animation. They came to spend a few hours drawing for the patients. Can you guess Benny’s request?  Yes, it was Elmo.

After he got his Elmo drawing, he had one more surprise visitor, Gerard Butler. I have to admit, I would not have known who he was if the staff wasn’t a little excited when he came into the playroom.  Benny was thrilled to have someone (other than me!)  get down on the floor and play with him.  I am not sure who was the one star struck. I think Gerard was star struck over Benny… do you blame him! He actually got a kick out of Benny, especially after he pointed to his shirt buttons being opened and motioned to him to button up. Gerard was a good sport and even buttoned the top (choking) button. When that didn’t look right to Benny, we waved his hands “no” and let Gerard unbutton the top one. It was pretty entertaining to watch.

As I had a chance to reflect on the day, I thought about how this group of professionals, and housewife (Tamar) too, that took time off from their busy schedules,  just to “hang out” with the kids in the hospital and try and bring some happiness in their lives.

It is true that Mr. Butler is a well known name in his field of work. By profession, he is a talented individual and quiet successful, however, his profession does not define him as a person.  It is what he does outside of his profession that defines him as a person. Visiting patients and playing with kids in the hospital defines his character.  Maybe there should be a separate category in the award ceremonies to nominate these individuals in the category of best character “off the screen.”

This applies to all professions. A job doesn’t define a person’s character for the most part. A person’s character is defined by his actions on and off the set! As some of you may heard in the news this week, there was an elderly woman who fell unconscious in an assisted living facility.  A nurse who was with her called 911 and was told to administer CPR in order to attempt to save her life.  The nurse refused.  Whatever legal reasons she had, clearly she acted without any moral character. And to think she is in the medical profession!!!

We are all actor’s in some fashion, trying to win over people’s approval, get good ratings, etc. The question we have to ask ourselves each and every day, are we acting as an impostor or are we genuine and real in our role?

Not sure if this guy was an imposter or the real thing!

This morning, Benny had a special visit from his friend Shoshie ( the most genuine and real person you will ever meet).  We spent the morning hours in the playroom and a few in the afternoon.  It is easier to keep him entertained there with all the toys and arts and crafts projects . The problem is, it is not open 24/7, sometimes only 4 hours a day.   This past week and the last hospital stay, I was faced with the  challenge of getting help with Benny.  Just some relief  for an hour here and there, with someone he is familiar with, other than his father (who has to work),  so I can catch up on some sleep.

You would think 11 month’s into this journey, we would be used to not sleeping and then play kindergarten teacher ALL day . B”H, as Benny, grows older by the day, he also becomes more curious, more active and of course more irresistibly adorable.  Hopefully, Hashem will send the right messengers we need to get thru the next few months.

Today, I am happy to report that I had the most amazing phone call.  I spoke to my friend Michelle and she told me how she is settling in the rehab facility with Refael Yoel Ozer, meeting the staff, learning the rules etc.  IY”H therapy should start tomorrow and we hope and pray that he will have a speedy and full recovery.  A few minutes into the conversation, Michelle put Refael Yoel Ozer on the phone to say hi.  He said “Hi!”, then he said “hi Faigie, I love you” ( he copied his mother), but that didn’t matter. He was speaking!!! I heard him very clearly say my name and the rest of it. It was truly an amazing, goose bumps and tears sobbing moment.  All of our Tefillos and Zechusim and 1000’s of mitzvos done on his behalf are working.   I know many of you have never met Refael Yoel Ozer or Binyomin Chaim, but have developed a deep connection with these two strong and special little boys.  The feelings are MUTUAL!!!  We can’t thank you enough!

IY”H I hope to continue to only give good news.

Watch video of bennydavening  in the hospital.



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