Caramel Apples

“Think good and it will be good.”  We have all heard this quote in some fashion or another. A couple of days ago I took a 20 minute break and walked across the street to the grocery store. It’s the only place around here that I would feel comfortable going too. I basically walked around looking for kosher products, similar to what you would do if you were out of town on a vacation and are looking for something to eat.

So there they were, these two caramel apples in the bakery department.  It’s a good thing they were not kosher, otherwise I would no longer be dreaming of them, but would have already eaten them.   I mentioned this story to my friend “Auntie” Tamar and the following day I received this picture from her and a message asking me when I would like it delivered.  She also mentioned, if I waited too long, it may not last because her kids may get to it first.  I told her to write on the box it is for Benny – no one would dare eat it , right?!

Last night, in between vitals, tylenol, and trying to settle Benny, we thought of the lonely apple on the kitchen counter. Benny was excited when I told him he will have it when we get out of here!  “Think good and it will be good!” And that’s what we did all night.

The latest I heard, the apple made it thru the night and hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy it for Shabbos Party tomorrow IY”H.

Back tracking to Wednesday night.  It was the first time in 11 months of hospital visits, that I switched night shift with Ari and slept at home. I was experiencing total exhaustion and burn out. B”H I got 6 hours of sleep without interruptions. I just felt sorry leaving Benny behind. I did enjoy being able to read to my other children before bed and kissing them goodnight.

Yesterday, Benny had quite a few visitors.  “Aunt” Meira, “Aunt” Riki, “Aunt” Yehudis, and “Aunt” Alti.  Meira and Riki danced with Benny. Yehudis came with an Elmo backpack filled with toys, candies and lots of goodies. Alti entertained Benny in the playroom.  Benny also had a surprise doggie visit.


Watch Video of Benny playing with the dog: doggie doggie1

Early evening, Benny had two special visitors from New York, Daniel and Albert, volunteers from Chai Life Line. Benny took to them immediately and enjoyed playing PlayDoh  and shmoozing with them. He was sad to see them go!  Hopefully, they will come again soon.

Watch Benny fence: unguard

B”H Bubbie and Zaida came too, with Benny’s favorite Bubbie’s homemade chocolate chip cookies and Zaida light up sword. Beware, Benny’s been practicing his fencing and is becoming the real expert!

Last night, was the usual, checking for fever every few hours, with a few less vitals B”H!  Benny did spike a fever over 103.  This medication can cause fevers and hopefully, BEH (with the Help of G-D), will go away when he gets disconnected later on today.

We are aiming for a 3 pm discharge. Please have Benny in mind today that he will be well enough to be discharged and home for Shabbos.

We have about 48 hours at home, before we have to come back for next weeks treatment.

Thank you all for helping us get thru this week. Davening,  good deeds, visits to the hospital, watching our children at home, delivering food, phone calls and emails, Challah baking,  all contributed immensely to Benny’s Refuah IY”H.  A special thanks to our son, Shmuel Tuvia’s teacher who took him and Yehoshua out for Pizza after school.  It was a real treat. Also, a special thank you to Avigdor, who took Joey out for the day. You lifted his spirits!

A Special Happy Birthday to Zaida Elazer!  We look forward to celebrating together this Shabbos. Wishing you good health and happiness for 120 years.

Wishing you all a wonderful Shabbos !




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