Erev Shabbos Update

Still waiting for discharge. About an 1 1/2 ago we came across a bump in the road.  A pretty scary one if I may add. As Benny was getting the last hour of his medication, out of the blue, Benny’s central line just fell out.  We are not sure when or where or how it was pulled, but, there went blood streaming out all over the place. It was one of those terrifying moments. B”H, Ari had just walked in seconds before this happened to pick us up to go home and noticed the line (port) completely out! He was on my lap too! B”H after I applied pressure on the opening to the vein, the bleeding stopped.  Unfortunately, this line has to be replaced on Monday. Which means an unexpected surgery.

We are scheduled to come back to the hospital this Sunday evening to begin the next round of treatment.  This treatment can only take place once the new central line is inserted.  The actual treatment was going to last thru Friday, which now may get delayed into Shabbos.   All depends on how early we can get squeezed in on Monday for surgery.

To think just an hour earlier Benny listened to a magnificent Orchestra that came to CHLA from NY to play music. By the time we arrived at the concert, it was over, but after seeing Benny they took out their instruments and played a couple more songs for him. Listen for yourself!

Video: Salome’ Chamber Orchestra: orchestra

B”H we are home for Shabbos. Walking into the house, smelling the aromas of Shabbos is just what we needed to lift our spirits. Thank you Aunt Sussie who flew in with Uncle Benjy just for Shabbos to help out and put Shabbos together. Perfect timing!

The flip side to this whole ordeal is that Benny will be able to take a bath in 24 hours, filled to the top with water and bubbles and play for hours. We can’t wait.  Maybe this is a sign, that we are finished with treatment, Benny is all better IY”H and Moshiach is arriving any minute. Are you ready? Start packing…

To update you on Rafeal Yoel Ozer :

B”H, he is getting used to therapy. The staff is wonderful to him. He is beginning to talk a lot . He is trying to stand up with help.  Unfortunately, the cerebral spinal fluid is still leaking which complicates the plan for surgeries needed.  Michelle and Avi thank everyone who is Davening and IY”H the Davening should continue to work on healing him completely very soon.

If you have time to bring in Shabbos early this week, please have Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah and Rafael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka, in mind as you light your candles, that this week ahead goes smooth and easy.

Good Shabbos!

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