The Symphony

Amazing news received just before Shabbos.

It’s hard to believe one could be excited and even Thank Hashem for news that surgery is scheduled for one’s child, but that is what we felt Erev Shabbos.   We received the email stating Benny’s on the schedule for surgery at 7:30 am.

It was this past Thursday, that I mentioned to Ari in passing that I would like to invite Dr. Stein to our Pesach seder.  This past year,  Dr. Stein, one of the top surgeons in Los Angeles performed surgery on Benny to remove his tumor and then a procedure to heal his epidural infection.

As many of you read about the Orchestra recital Benny attended in the hospital on Friday, what I didn’t tell you is who I saw on the way out.  As we were leaving the hospital “lounge” where the recital was, we bumped into Dr. Stein. He wasn’t at the recital, but just happened to walk into the room . As soon as I saw him, I waited until he was finished with his phone call and asked him if he would join us for the Pesach Seder. He said he was already invited out and then I said “there are two! please join us for the second night.”  He said he would check with his wife and we said goodbye.

Within an hour of this encounter the whole episode of Benny’s line falling off took place. We (the hospital staff) were faced with the challenge of finding a surgeon that would squeeze Benny into his schedule to put in a new line and still make the deadline for the medications that he needed to be connected before noon today.   Emails went out to all the doctors performing surgery on Monday requesting an “add on.”

About a half hour before Shabbos we got an email confirming Benny scheduled for surgery on Monday, at 7:30, with non other than “Dr. Stein.”  The email stated that Dr. Stein moved his schedule around to take the case. We were shocked. Implanting a “line” is definitely not a as exciting or complicated as separating conjoined twins (a specialty of Dr. Stein), yet he signed up.

The only explanation… Pesach Matza Maror.  The words we recite at the seder after we welcome and invite our guests that don’t have a place to eat.  What if I had not bumped into Dr. Stein an hour earlier and invited him and his wife to our Seder?   We don’t go by “what ifs’.” Instead we have tremendous Hakaros Hatov to Hakodesh Baruch Ho for sending us these special angels down here in Olam Hazeh (this world).

One other mention, this all took place in the room of the Orchestra performance. And what an Orchestra Hashem (G-D) conducted that day!!!  (Aunt Tiki, there was  good reason why you bought that orchestra toy for Benny two days prior to this amazing symphony).

After surgery today, when Dr. Stein met with us we thanked him profusely and presented him with a plaque for his office. It was a prayer for doctors from the Rambam (Maimonides).   We also told him how appropriate the timing of this all is, Erev  Chodesh Nissan… the story of Yosef being sold to a spice merchant, (representing Hashem is with us in Exile), and that we consider Dr. Stein as our B’somim (sweet smelling spice) during this most challenging time of our life.   I also asked him why he was in the recital room,” to hear the orchestra.” He said no and just so happened to be on his way to a meeting and stepped out of the hallway into this room to take a phone call.

So when I mentioned before I was excited before Shabbos about the surgery.  I truly was and only because of how it all came together.

B”H Benny’s surgery was successful and he is so far doing well on this new round of medications.  We hope and pray that he continues to weather thru the night and days ahead with clear skies.

PS. There was a 5.2 earthquake at 10 am, about an hour after surgery. B”H it wasn’t during surgery, however, I did receive an email later from a friend that Heaven and Earth was moved thru their students’ Davening (prayers) for Benny.

Meet Dr. Stein:



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