Power of the month of Nisson

Last night was rough. Unfortunately, Benny spiked a fever which was up and down throughout the night. As the fever rose, so did his heart rate.  What was most concerning was his low blood pressure.  Different medications had to be administered throughout the night to keep Benny safe and out of the ICU, G-D Forbid.

I didn’t get much rest.  It’s almost impossible to sleep through all the alarms, not just because I am a light sleeper, I am concerned and have to check the monitors to make sure Benny is not in distress Chas Veshalom.  Seeing the nurses and doctors concern as well, adds to the stress level.

Today, Benny had a super special visitor who spent 10 hours with him. His bother Joey.  They have a special bond with one another.  He was a tremendous help as well.  Every time the alarm beeped, he went out to call the nurse.  I don’t think the nurse was too excited about the visitor… too bad!

We also were pleasantly surprised with a visit from Benny’s Great Aunt Wendy and Great Uncle Chaim from New York, his Aunt Julie from New York and Bubbie. Unfortunately, with his fevers and high doses of pain medication, Benny couldn’t enjoy the visits the way he normally would.

B”H Benny did have the energy to answer Amen to Brochos (daily blessings) today.   Listen and watch: davening

Tonight, Benny’s fever spiked once again to 104.6.   I am praying that the night remain quiet and Benny remain safe.

Quick update:

Elimelech Ben Basya was admitted today (down the hall from Benny) for round 5 of chemo. We hope and pray for Eli to have a full and speedy Refuah Shlema.

Refael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka continues to make progress each day B”H. The recovery is long. B”H he is talking. He has to learn to walk, eat, and breath without a tracheotomy.  There is also continuous spinal fluid leaking.  We must pray and do whatever we can to help Refael Yoel Ozer recover 100 %. Please daven for Chaya Malka bas Leah Frumit (yoel’s mommy). She is not feeling well herself and must go for scans. Please Daven that she receive a good report and gain the strength she needs to care for her children.

This month of Nisson represents the beginning of all beginnings. Each day of the month of Nisson, represent a different month. It is the month we celebrate our departure out of Exile. Let’s do whatever we can these next couple of weeks to prepare ourselves, so that we too can be worthy of experiencing our long awaited Redemption.

As we clean out our homes, and search for crumbs in hiding places, use that opportunity to help one another. Have those Cholim in mind that need a Refuah, that their bodies be rid of any “crumbs” that may be hiding. Perhaps, this tedious and strenuous task may be bring a sense of fulfillment and actual pleasure knowing your actions can bring with it a Refuah.



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