Binyomin Chaim – Zaida Ben’s 4th Yartzeit Shabbos

IY”H if all goes well the next couple of minutes  we will be going home for Shabbos.  HOORAY!

This email is a tribute to my beloved Zaida Ben O”H (may he rest in peace), Binyomin Chaim Ben Esther. This Shabbos will be his 4th Yartzeit (departure from this word). There is not a day that goes by that my Zaida is not on my mind, on my lips and in my heart.  The day my Zaida departed, a part of me did too. It wasn’t until Nov. 14 2010, when that part returned, Benny was born.

Each and every day and night, as I look at Benny, play with him, kiss him, I am reminded of Zaida Ben O”H. Their mannerism are almost identical. Benny played the Kipa game before he could talk. He loves ice cream and chocolate too. One of the most amazing qualities that these Benny’s have in common is their infectious smile and their ability to win over all walks of life through their personality.

Last Motzei Shabbos (Saturday night), Chai Life Line hosted a concert with “8th Day” performing. I have to say, I have never been to a concert before with so much Simcha (happiness).  Volunteers were flown in from NY to fill the room with laughter, cheer and loads of electrifying energy.  As I glanced around the room, all I saw were smiles and smiles and smiles. Any aches or pains were checked in by the door and for two hours we all experienced this unbelievable joy.   This concert was about a” Celebration of Life.” It touched the inner most chambers of my heart and soul.

This level of Simcha (happiness), is what my Zaida O”H, achieved each and every day of his life. He mastered this amazing quality thru is endless devotion in learning Torah and telling over 1000’s of stories  – he was a Magid (fascinating story teller).

As I sit here, in CHLA,  in the final hours of what has been an extremely long two weeks, I am reading through a diary of stories written about my Zaida O”H during the week of Shiva (mourning).   I would like to share a few of the thoughts shared by 100’s of people throughout the week.

“a man who though of others and had so much pride in each member of his family.” Miriam Freilich

“pleasant to talk to,he was a wise man. may he be a Sheliach for all of us” Rivka Weiss (lived across the hall in the Tamir)

“his generosity… he said when I first came to Seattle ‘do me a favor, we have so many raincoats, please take a few off my hands. ‘” Sheldon Schloff

“one of the most positive people. the greatest mensch” Doctor at the Tamir

“Zaida was a little man but a GIANT”  Shevi Cohen

“a Talmid Chachum and one who always had a Dvar Torah on his lips” Judy and Marvin Pachino

“he was a cute person, you want to attach yourself to him. We though he would be around when Moshiach came”  P Schiller

“for years I’d see Mrs Genauer in the Tamir – he was always running to learn, daven or babysit. His smile and warm personality endeared him to everyone here. ” Mrs. Tova Lewis

“the best childhood memories are in the Genauer home” Shelly Offman

” We have very fond memories of Ben Genauer who had a love for Limud Torah that radiated from him with tremendous warmth and light” Nissn Wolpin

“it is impossible to forget B.G. who was a model of dedication to learning Torah and making it possible for others to do so.” Mendel Weinbach

“B.G. was a specail person who never seamed to ‘grow up.’ He was young at heart, and beloved not only by his unbelievable family, but by everyone who came in contact with. . We were lucky to cross his path”  Penina and Anshel Rosenbaum

“a role model for his family and an inspiration for his generation. teaching by example to love his fellow man and the Borai Olem (G-D). The over 100 descendants who were fortunate enough to be touched by his warm and genuine personally will certainly live richer lives having a zayde like Benyomin Chaim ” Jerry Abraham

“a great man, who showers in every aspect of his life, and in every action of his day, that Torah was priority, he influenced an entire city!” Harry & Perl Brown

“B.G. and the Feder family from Denver CO seemed to me to have been inseparable. The Genauer home in Seattle was always open to us like our own. There are not enough words to describe a simple human being . suffice it to say B.G. was a walking, talking Kiddush Hashem”  Gedalia Feder

It is no wonder why generations later our families reconnected in Passaic/Clifton NJ where we lived directly across from Michelle and Avi Feder (practically shared homes), the parents of Rafeal Yoel Ozer ben Chaya Malka. 

“when I was in seminary I was sick for a week. Zaida took such good care of me. Imagine! a 92 year old man taking care of his great granddaughter. Young at heart, yet accomplished so much” Miriam Tova Kessler Leiber

“he was a shining light in this world. He will always be a Great Light in Shamayim. In his Zechus (merit) may we be Mekabel Pnei Hashchina U Moshiach Tzkkeinu B’Rachamim. (accept the face of Hashem and Moshiach in our life time)”

And so his legacy continues through all those lives he has touched during his lifetime and after.  May Binyomin Chaim Ben Moshe Yehuda’s Neshama have an Aliya and may he be a Me’litz Yosher for all of us down here. May we be Zoche to reunite together with Moshiach coming IY”H very soon.

FYI, Zaida, loved singing Zemiros on Shabbos, especially Ko Ribbon Olam and Kol M’Kadesh Shvei.  Let us remember this special and holy man for generations to come.

Please share any memories you have of Zaida. It would enhance the lives of all who read it.  Thank you!

Good Shabbos!

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