When will the Cleaning Stop?

The past two weeks I was unable to physically prepare for Pesach. However, I did spend a lot of time during the long days and even longer nights at the hospital thinking about this coming week.

What can possibly be left to clean? We have just spent the last 11 months cleaning. Cleaning with every ammonia agent out on the market, and other’s still in trial, over and over and over again.  We’ve been cleaning with chemicals we have never heard of, using gloves, booties, goggles and lead shields as protective measures. Some of these cleaning agents cause rashes, fevers, sores, nausea and pain.  We’ve met dozens of cleaning crews through out the year, each with a different title and cleaning specialty.

Although, cleaning for Pesach is no easy task, I don’t think I could stress out about it any longer. We aren’t cleaning to save our lives, but to only enhance them.  “Think good and it will be good.”  This is my plan of action for the week ahead.  Do what can be done!  and breathe, breathe, breathe.

We hope and pray that when we do B’dikas (searching) and B’iur (burning) of the Chometz this year, signifies, a home free of Chometz, and a life free of illness and the Geula in our time.

Last Sunday night before we checked into the hospital we enjoyed a beautiful Bat Mitzvah. This Sunday evening we enjoyed a gorgeous Bar Mitzvah. Each signifying Simcha, happiness and Kedush, holiness. I consider each Simcha (occasion) as a book end to a most challenging week.  The first Simcha, carried us through the difficult challenges with Kedusha.  Benny actually ‘Davened (prayed)’ with the Tehillim (Psalms) that were given out. Tonight’s Simcha took away the painful memories of what transpired through the joy and laughter throughout the evening.

May we all be Zoche (worthy) to enjoy only Simchos throughout our lives.

Benny’s been enjoying his time at home with his family. He is still pretty weak and wants to be held all the time, but that is expected and we are happy to give him whatever he needs.

Shabbos morning I woke up by a kiss and smile from Benny. It was his way of reassuring me that everything is going to be alright.

One new challenge we face daily is what will Benny wear that day or night.  He has acquired a very specific look. He only wants to wear button down shirts (like his Daddy) and dress pants with pockets and his Yalmukah (if he’s not going out in the sun).  This becomes problematic when getting him ready for bed and so we’ve given in to his demand in letting him sleep in his clothes. At least I was able to manage have him take his shoes off. I said it was a rule I have if he wants to sleep in my bed and so far it’s working.

We are looking forward to enjoying the next few weeks with our family at home and hope to continue to update you with only good news to come IY”H.


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