TeamBenny.NET a Journey from Despair to Salvation!

I recently read over the last few days, that Erev Pesach, as stressful and chaotic as it may be, we should be careful to watch our children from Chas Veshalom any injuries or harm.

I thought about this over and over and it makes total sense. But, I also thought about, how does one protect our children from dangers that are beyond our control . That answer became very clear to me this year. It is thru Tefilla (prayers) and Ma’sim Tovim (good deeds).

As we approach the Seder night in less than 21 hours, I find myself compiling lists. Not of what still needs to be done, but lists of what I will beseech Hakodosh Baruch Hu (G-D) for. Lists of all that I am grateful for, and lists that are blank in which will be filled in by Hashem, Himself.

As we are about to sit down and tell over to our children the story of how our ancestors were redeemed from slavery, we won’t have too far to look back. The past 363 days have been our own personal journey of bondage and salvation. A journey that has been shared with thousands across the world.  This Pesach we will be able to recount all the open miracles that took place in our lives this past year. Beginning from the night of the second Seder at 1:04 am. We can look at that night as the beginning of our exile or the beginning of our redemption. It was both. Nevertheless, we were blessed with one miracle after another. The bump that appeared out of nowhere; the diagnosis that only came once Pesach had passed and all the Pesach dishes were put away; the story of the locust; the story of “Hashem”, the Eagle; the epidural infection which postponed a couple weeks the MIBG treatment in Philadelphia (which enabled us to go to the Siyum Hashas and say Tehillim for Benny with 90+ thousand people); then the miracle of Succos which saved Benny from getting a certain drug that turned out to be fatal in the study; the list goes on, all which are recorded if you scroll back over the 276 posts.

What is also recorded is the effort, strength and support we received from family, friends, and “new” friends, all of whom signed up early on as a Team Benny player. We may have reached the 49th level of despair (like those in Mitzrayim) early on, but B”H it didn’t last long. Because each and every one of you, were all, willing and able, to put yourselves out there on the line, our feelings of despair turned into a yearning of salvation.  Jumping on the next flight out from NY/NJ to be with us; Davening all hours of the day and night; visiting great Rabbi’s to Daven for Benny; visiting the Kevurim (graves) of our Great  Rabbi’s O”H; starting Tehillim clubs (7 year olds, teenagers and adults); Challah baking; Shmiras Haloshon groups; countless meals (at home and in the hospital); hospital visits to cheer us up, presents that can fill a toy store (for all our children); chartered flights (to take Benny to his treatments in a safe manner); and charity,  are all acts that have carried us out of despair and into a place of hope and healing. I know many of you have done things without sharing it with us, but let me tell you, no act has gone unnoticed!

So as we went around this evening with a candle, feather and spoon to make one final check to be rid of any Chometz, we used that opportunity to pray  to rid any harmful cells that Chas Veshalom may be hiding in our precious little Binyomin Chaim.  B”H we also were able to clean out and be rid of dozens of medications that Benny should never ever need again.

Please continue to work your magic this Yom Tov so that we, as a Nation, can celebrate our Final Redemption together forever IY”H.

Benny enjoying a PrePesach family barbecue! B”H, B”H, B”H!!!

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