Jump In

Just as I was sitting down to update the blog on Erev Yom Tov (this past Sunday) , titled “Jump In,” G-D had other plans.  This past Sunday night was 3324 that Nachshon Ben Aminodov “jumped” into the Yam Suf and soon after Hashem split the sea.

There are so many opportunities we are given on a daily basis to just, “jump in!”  I’m not referring to the swimming pool completely dressed either.  How about the times when we get an email to Daven for someone, do we stop what we are doing right then and say Tehillim?  What about being the first to raise our hand to volunteer? Do a chore around the house? Jump in to stop a conversation from getting out of hand? Be the first to jump in to stop Machlokes (confrontation)?

Although, the first initial leap is at times risky or uncomfortable and definitely takes a lot of courage, you will notice that you won’t be alone for very long. These leaps are usually quite contagious and before you know it, you will feel natural about the whole experience.

This past Sunday, as I was writing this post, my son took that jump. It was a jump in the game of “Horse” (a basketball game) that landed us in the ER, Erev Yom Tov getting stitches right below his eye brow. B”H Yehoshua was brave and made things less traumatic for his Mommy who really dislikes stitches. Of course this is not the “jump” I am referring too, but it definitely will act as a reminder of how and when we should take that leap of faith.

We were fortunate as well with the help of Hatzolah and  Bikur Cholim to make it home within the 18 minutes of Shkia (sunset).  It was a strange feeling being in the ER again on that day, dealing with a near the eye injury. My husband told me not to think to much into it. We have boys B”H and these are the “normal” events that come along in raising them.  It has been five days since this took place, and B”H the stitches are beginning to dissolve.

We will be heading into the hospital this coming Sunday thru Friday for another round of immune therapy treatment.  IY”H with your continuous outpour of Tefillos, and G’milos Chasadim and all those “jumps,” Benny will not feel pain and be only Zoche to a complete Refuah Shlema Min Hashomayim.

IY”H this Shabbos morning, Elimelech Ben Basya will be having surgery to remove any residual tumor that may be left. Please have him in mind in your Tefillos and as you light your Shabbos candles.

Good Shabbos!

I will IY”H update the web with pictures of how Benny celebrated his Pesach. B”H he had a wonderful time.

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