It doesn’t seem to get any easier…

Sunday evening 12:20 am.

It’s not easy sitting here once again on the 4th floor of the hospital and missing my children at home.  I wish more than anything it was Friday and this week was in the past.

B”H we had an amazing 3 weeks off. Yom Tov was beautiful and Benny loved spending time with his cousins. He was one of the gang in every way. In a way, that is what makes tonight so much more difficult. It makes us yearn “normalcy” so much more. It’s what breaks our heart when we have to say good bye to our other children for the week.

This week we are in for round 3 of immune o therapy. This will be similar to the first round. Although, we can expect high fevers from this treatment, we can still be hopeful that they don’t reach as high as before. We pray that Benny is not in any discomfort this week.

Benny is definitely more aware of his surroundings this time around. He is asking questions that he never did before. Most of them begin with “why?”

On a positive note, we were assigned our favorite room in the hospital. As most of you know by now, the room with the eagle above Benny’s bed and the view of the Los Angeles downtown skyline. The doctor on call tonight is Eytan. He wished Benny “lila tov”( good night) and so far B”H he is sleeping comfortably.  I do believe all these small gestures, are Hashem’s way of telling us it’s going to be alright. We just need to recognize and smell the  B’samim as Hashem sends it our way.

This morning, Benny had a special visitor, cousin Joannie from NJ. Thank you for the special toys and reading the book too. Your teaching skills have not worn off one bit! Please come again soon.

Later this afternoon, we went to a fabulous park in Ranco Palos Verdes with Benny’s siblings, grandparents and cousins. He had a wonderful time on the swings, slides, sand and playing catch.  After the park, we went to the ocean to see if we could get a glimpse of the whales migrating north (traveling from Mexico). We had just missed a Gray whale and its baby by an  hour, but we were able to see many Fin whales blow water.  I told Benny that IY”H if he does well during treatment this week, I’ll take him back to see more whales and dolphins next week.  Hopefully, they will be happy to see Benny and put on a show for him!!!

Click on video to watch Benny in the park : bennypitcher and pitcher2

Since we can’t listen to music at this time, let us instead turn up the volume in Tefillos. Elimelech Ben Basya and his parents want to go home. Refael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka wants to go home and Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah wants to go home. We need your help in helping in this incredible Mitzvah and are grateful for your support.

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