Restoring the Faith in Humanity

Last Wednesday, the day after Pesach, the kids were still off from school, so I took them all to a park about an hour away. It was a magical day and one we will all remember for a life time.

The magic temporary faded later that evening when we got home. My diaper bag containing my wallet (license, credit cards and some cash) was left at the park. It was too dark  and too far to go back that night.

Early, Thursday morning, I called two police departments in the vicinity to see if anyone turned it in. I struck out twice. So the only place left was to look in the park. Before I got in the car, I pledged money to Rav Meir Bal Hanes and said the famous Posuk for lost objects. Then, I drove all the way back with Benny to search the play ground and open fields. Benny was thrilled when we arrived. I however, struck out again. No diaper bag!

The only hope I had at that point was that no one used my credit cards. About 45 minutes after I arrived at the park, I told Ari to schedule an appointment online for me at the DMV for a new license. Shortly after, I received a call from American Express. My heart skipped a beat as the operator spoke. The first words were unclear, but then she said “turned into police department.”  I couldn’t believe my ears. She gave me the number of the police department (the one I had spoken to two hours prior) and I immediately called.

The police reported to me that a fellow visiting from out of state had just dropped off my bag with everything inside. Not one dime was missing. The only thing thrown out was some food, as the gentleman was worried about food spoiling.  Unfortunately, he did not leave his name. I would however, like to honor him and publicly thank him, whoever he may be.

The police department was more than 5 miles from the park. This tourist took the time from his vacation, drove quite a distance, all for a stranger.   WOW!

Living in the hospital a good portion of this past year, I have been privileged to see the beauty of mankind. Although, these individuals have chosen this as a career and are being compensated, it is an extraordinary responsibility to care for these individuals both medically and emotionally.

Last week in the park, I was once again privileged to witness the beauty of mankind, but on a higher level. This act of Hashavos Aveida (returning a lost object) was solely for the purpose of doing a good deed. This man did not receive a reward (he didn’t leave his name), but he did restore the faith in humanity, and I am sure has a nice reward waiting for him in the World to Come.

Most of us are not in the medical field, but all of us can play on a grass field. Grab the next opportunity to get involved in rebuilding and restoring the faith in humanity. It can and will save lives!

B”H Benny continues to sail through this week without fever. Today,  however, he did have a tantrum like I’ve never seen. He wanted out and carried on kicking and screaming for over 3 hours. I do think his stomach may have bothered him as well from all the medications he’s been receiving. Thank you Rifka Basya, Tamar, Alti, Shmuel Tuvia, Yehoshua, Randi and Dr. friend and of course Zaida for visiting and cheering Benny up today.

One more day to go for this round IY”H.  Please Daven it goes smoothly and quickly.

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