“A Penny for Benny”

Today, I received a heart warming email, from the mother of a special Team Benny supporter. This team mate is all of 2 years old. He has a special Tzedeka box set aside and every day he says,    ” a Penny for Benny,” when he give Tzedeka as a merit for Benny’s complete Refuah Shlema.  A two year old…WOW!

A penny, what is a penny worth today? Let me tell you. This week I realized the worth of a penny. That penny, the one that was so special each and every day to that two year old Aryeh, made the difference in Benny’s overall treatment this week. B”H we are thrilled to report Benny did not have fever nor any frightening side effects this week. The most difficult part was keeping Benny entertained for a good 13 hours straight and dealing with a couple fits to get out of the room.

It’s similar to a small drop of water that drips on the same spot of a rock, day after day, week after week, until eventually, there is a break thru in the rock. It takes more drips than you can count, but each drip counts and eventually, it penetrates.

I no longer will think it’s not worth to bend down and pick up a penny on the street. “A Penny for Benny,” how could I pass it up. That could be the penny in the Pushka (charity box) that can make the difference if a Choleh (an ill person) will have an easy day or a more difficult one.

The penny represents so much more than one piece of copper. One Tefillah (prayer), one Bracha (blessing) of Asher Yatzar, one Kabala, one incident of not speaking Lashon Hora and the list goes on, all being done as a Zechus, is priceless!  Sometimes we get a glimpse every so often of the real value. This week, as Benny spends his last night in the hospital of cycle 3, the infusions were literally just disconnected, the IV pole was wheeled out of the room, B”H (Thank G-D), and no fevers, we learned the value of one. and one plus one plus one and…


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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for your posts. You are raising my spiritual awareness so much higher than it was before. You turned a penny in the pushka (something most of our kids do in school with no real notice from us) into a motivational lesson on the power of each small act. I know the tehillim we say does Benny good, but surely the impact your words have on me (and so many others) moves mountains in shomayim. I’m eager for the day when it all comes clear. We will see how your inspiring response to such difficult tests brought about the geulah and a Refuah shleima to all cholei Yisroel. I wish you and your family a peaceful Shabbos.

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