No Jealousy Today!

Today, was a day for special mother’s. No it is no Mother’s Day.  Today, Chai Life Line in Los Angeles hosted a relaxing and pampering day at the spa for over 45 mothers.  Not just any mother, a mother who spends who days and nights caring for her child or children, with needs greater than we could imagine.

After a relaxing spa treatment and a delicious lunch, I joined a yoga class. I’ve been wanting to stretch for about a year now, and today was going to be the day to get started.

Before the class begun, the instructor had us go around the room to introduce ourselves and give a brief diagnosis of what our child is or has gone thru. I will tell you, there was not one parent in the room jealous of the next.  There was not one parent that would want to switch places with the next.  As the yoga instructor conducted her lesson, “breathe in, breathe out,” tears streamed down my cheeks. I just thought to myself, how many cisterns must have been filled from all the tears these special mothers shed.

One song I find most meaningful and listen to over and over again is, “Mama Rochel cry for us again won’t you shed a tear for your dear children… “Our Mother Rochel, is not far away, in fact today, I was in the presence of 45 very holy, courageous and special “Mama’s,” who cry for their children, our children and your children every day.  In the Zechus (merit) of all the toil, all the love, and all the patience these women invest in “our” children, Hashem should bring the Redemption and the complete Refuah Shlema for all those in need.

B”H, I am happy to report that Benny is thrilled to be home with his family. He sang all Shabbos, went to Shul wearing Zaida’s tie (a bit on the long side) and enjoyed so many tasty treats that friends baked.  As I strolled Benny to Shul, he was the first to say “Good Shabbos,” to anyone we passed along the way (just like my Zaida Ben O”H did).  We were even fortunate enough to meet and get a Bracha from Rav Kutler (of Lakewood BMG) while walking home from Shul.


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