The Moment

As I sat down to post last night, I got side tracked. As I was deleting old emails to free up memory on my computer, I fell upon last years email correspondence relating to the first initial doctor’s appointments with Benny.  Tomorrow, IY”H will be the one year mark that Benny had his biopsy and first admission into the hospital. It was an Erev Shabbos. Needless to say, I was overcome with emotion and couldn’t post.  I’ll IY”H write about those posts over the next few days.

The past two days, Benny enjoyed outdoors in the cool, but sunny weather.  Yesterday, he helped decide where to plant flowers and even dug a few holes in the dirt. Of course once his fingers got dirty he stopped.

This morning began on a walk to Coffee Bean with his Zaida for a caramel ice blend and muffin.  After a nap, we enjoyed the afternoon at Griffith Park. It has been a while since I took Benny on the train. He was so excited!  After the train ride, we went to ride the horses. There were five horses attached to poles that walked around and around in a circle.  Benny had his heart set on this one pony called, “Champ.” Benny waited an extra 10 minutes until Champ was available to ride. I’m not sure who should have been called Champ, as Benny rode like a pro. Maybe he was so comfortable because of all the “Sus” stories I told him that Zaida Ben O”H told us as children and adults.

After Benny graduated from the baby ponies, he moved to the more advanced riders. He rode and rode and didn’t want to get off. We had gone to the ponies about 4 or 5 months ago, but he was too afraid to ride. This time was very different. He was not afraid and when he was asked to remove his hat, so the horses wouldn’t be frightened in case it fell off, he had hair on his head. He looked and felt like all the other children his age. It was one of those moments that I have been waiting for so long. The moment when no one would ever know what he has gone thru just by looking at him.

We all have those moments in life that stand out. When you know exactly where you were standing, or doing, when something very significant happened.  Unfortunately, many of those moments that make a lasting impact are tragic, such as 911 or the first discovery of an illness.  But, there are those moments that are beautiful too. The moment you knew, you were going to marry your spouse; your first born child, you won the grand raffle… These moments are mostly an individual experience.  What happened this week in Boston, or 911 are moments shared with the world and ones that will never be forgotten.  We celebrated the 65th Yom Ha’atzmaot yesterday, a moment as a Nation that we will never forget.

I so look forward to those individual moments when Benny IY”H reaches those mile stones and the universal moment IY”H,  when we all hear the sound of  the Shofar blow very soon.

Lately, Benny has been wanting to change his clothes several times a day. Either because he may get a stain or wet or just because. Because he wants to dress up in another dress shirt and pants. I think if he owned a tuxedo, he would wear it all day and probably to bed as well. He is also particular about wearing his socks and shoes too. However, it doesn’t stop there, he wants me to wear shoes around the house too, and no slippers. If he’s like this at two, can you imagine when he’s a teenager IY”H.  I can’t wait. His wife IY”H, may just have to settle on the smaller closet!

Watch the Video of Benny playing Duck Duck Goose with Zaida :duck duck goose

Benny riding the train – notice how he rides like a professional roller coaster rider:choochoo

video riding horse: ridencowboy

Video: Benny riding Sus: sus!

Video: Benny gardening: planting






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