Today, we had to go into CHLA for a quick appointment, about an hour. It’s a “preop” for the scans tomorrow IY”H. As we were leaving the hospital and waiting at valet for our car, Benny asked “where’s Juan?”  He’s the guy at valet who’s always filled with such enthusiasm when he see’s Benny.  It was the first time Benny said his name. So cute!  It made Juan’s day.

Tomorrow, is a big day IY”H.  Benny will be undergoing a full set of scans which take about 2 hours. He will have to remain completely still for machine to capture it’s imaging. The doctor felt it will be best for Benny to be put under sedation during this time. We happen to  agree, even though we’ve had it with NPO (nothing by mouth) from the night before and anesthesia.  Hopefully, IY”H we are really close to the end of Benny having to go thru this anymore.

Please have extra Kavana in your Tefillos tomorrow, or offer a “penny for Benny.”  We NEED Hashem to bless Benny with a clean set of scans and a complete Refuah Shlema.

We won’t know results until early next week, probably around the same time when we go back into the hospital for additional treatments.

Please Daven for Elimelech Ben Basya who is undergoing round 6 of chemo and is still quite weak from surgery a couple weeks ago. Mazal Tov to Elimelech’s aunt Rikki who became a Kallah (got engaged) last night. May you and your family only be busy with Simchos IY”H.

Please Daven for Refael Yoel Ozer Ben Chaya Malka. B”H he is making progress. He had surgery last Friday on his skull, and B”H had his breathing apparatus removed. He will need multiple surgeries going forward on his skull and eye, but IY”H with all our Tefillos and Chasadim, he will have a complete Refuah Shlema.

There unfortunately, has been one new name added to my Tefillah list this week. Chana Tova bas Esther Shoshana. A one year old little girl diagnosed with a rare children’s cancer.

This news must end. We are all doing so much already, what else can be done? I wish I had the answer. The only thing I can suggest is one word, IMPROVE….IMPROVE…IMPROVE, in whatever can be.  Just as the scientist and doctors are doing their best to IMPROVE, we must do the same.

IY”H may we be Zoche to only hear good news going forward.



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